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  1. Thanks, can they take any further action if I do ignore them? I have a family member who ended up with a CCJ against them about 10 years ago over a gym debt, though I have no idea what gym or collection company that was with. I'm fairly certain I do legally need to pay all the debts that are part of my DMP, it's credit cards and loans etc that I signed up to when I could afford them. My own fault really, I wasn't pressured and they're all legitimate companies, not payday lenders etc. But thanks for your advice on that
  2. Bit of help needed. I had a monthly rolling contract with Xercise4Less, realised I couldn't afford to keep running it as I'm a student, work part time and I'm in quite a lot of debt. I joined during a first month free offer, then paid for 1 month, then before the next payment was due to come out, I cancelled my direct debit and thought that would be it. I'd done the same a few times when I was a puregym member (i'm an off gym goer, what can I say) and never had any issues, so assumed this would be fine. I received an email last night from Harlands stating I owe £44.99 (£19.99 membership fee + £25 admin). My partner has had one too as he also cancelled: neither of us were very impressed with the gym, lots of broken and worn out equipment, very unhelpful staff etc. What I was unaware of was that apparently you need to give 30 days notice! Which seems like madness on a rolling contract anyway. I'm not in any position to pay this and also think the admin fee is ludicrous. I'm currently involved in a debt management plan with stepchange, so they deal with all of my debts. I emailed them back this morning saying this: Good Morning, Following a disturbing email I received last night, I am emailing with regards to an apparent outstanding balance of £44.99 for a cancelled Xercise4Less gym membership. Being in a monthly rolling contract, as I have done with previous gyms in the past, I believed I would simply need to cancel my Direct Debit and that would be sufficient. I don’t see how it would be possible to provide 30 days notice on a monthly contract, as this would surely make it a 2 month contract as a minimum? I am in financial difficulty and can not afford to continue on my membership, so had no choice but to prevent any further payments going out. I am not in a position to make any payments to Harlands, Xercise4Less, CRS or anyone else for that matter. I am currently in a Debt Management Plan with Step Change, so would request that any demands for payment are stopped. Have I done the right thing? Is there anything else I can do? And what about my partner, he isn't in a DMP but didn't want to keep going to that gym. Thanks
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