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  1. Well, Im absolutely shocked by what I have discovered and I am so angry with myself its untrue. Although I have been granted the SMI, you are correct, I was notified in early 2018 about the changes... As it was the typical JSA brown envelope I just ignored it (they used to constantly write to you about a change of circumstances/rate, even though nothing had changed so I just used to chuck them in the cupboard). So since then, they have not been paying the SMI. The good news, is that I have been instead so at least I am not in arrears ! This does however mean I have wasted a few grand which I have been paying from borrowing (family/credit cards). Do I have any, ANY chance at all in getting this back dated - If so, what is the best way to go about this please? I should add, I am supposed to be ringing them in the next couple of days to cancel my claim... If I cancel it, am I entirely screwed for trying to get back payments or wont this make any difference? PS: Please advise if you want me to open a new thread as this is twisted from the original now
  2. If I was in arrears the mortgage company would surely have written to me, plus they control the direct debit so I am confident this is okay. Ive looked around the gov link and spent hours yesterday trawling through other google links but Im still not sure which service I need to use to check for the charges (they seem to all charge a nominal fee so I'd prefer to get the right one first time lol) Im assuming it is either the "Title register" or "Title Plan" I need to pay for ? I havent even managed to find examples of either ?
  3. a) I was also on the SMI benefit a few years ago (and signed off in 2017), so I wont have to pay back for that era then? b) This time around Ive been on SMI since around July 2018 I think? Im terrible at reading my post I'll be the first to admit but I dont remember signing anything along those lines? How can I check if DWP have a charge against my home?
  4. Im definitly going to need to do some calculations and see where I stand then as thats a big difference to me, thank you so much for this information. I recently learned that you have to pay SMI back (if you sell/move home) which is something I do need to factor in though. Has the SMI always been like this or is that something they changed?? It was never mentioned to me when I first got it, I literally thought it was a extra benefit not a longterm loan
  5. I think its because I only get the standard fortnightly and the SMI. The UC seems better for people that work part time on basic benefits as they dont take the full £1 for £1 apparently. She did suggest I checked with an online calculator but without the SMI Im going to knackered anyway
  6. Morning All, I am currently on JSA and have got a new part time job starting next month I know that it will effect my fortnightly benefit (not sure on the figures, but think for every £1 I earn in a week, they deduct a £1 from my benefit?) but does anyone know what effecit it will have on my SMI (Support Mortgage Interest)? On a seperate note, my advisor said I would be better switching over to UC. If I switch over to UC, will I still get my SMI.... if so, is there a 'certain way' I need todo it? Last thing I need to do is do it in the wrong order somehow and lose the SMI for 9 months :( Any advice or links to help would be appreciated.
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