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  1. Hello everyone, I’m hoping I can get some help before I give in and make a payment. In July 2019 I received a pcn at lusty glaze carpark. It was a hot day, I left my window open slightly (it’s cornwall) and my paid parking ticket blew off my dash. I received a PCN from Armtrac security which I ignored (rats) and i didn’t hear from them again. Meanwhile I’ve moved to a new place and this week at my new address I have received a court claim from BW legal for the sum of £239.74. I have not been in touch with Armtrac, BW LEGAL or responded to the CCJ yet. I am trying to buy my first home at the moment so I am very worried about having a ccj on my file. I have looked through the threads but I don’t fully understand and I don’t want to trip myself up. Hoping to have some help here. Yellow
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