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  1. Yes I have the same confirmation email as that Dave. I had come to the conclusion myself that a legal tussle over 13 quid would be a complete waste of my resources. I do however want to do something to highlight it to consumer watchdog groups etc if I possibly can. C
  2. Yes you’re right of course. My bank told me that when Ryanair did the conversion at the payment stage and debited my account by 133.01 GBP, then that should have been the sum refunded to me. And in fact they sent an email stating that that was the amount of the refund they made. I think it’s bordering on deception and heaven knows how many people they’re doing it to. I wonder if there is any legal redress over this and of course their failure to keep their end of the contract I made with them over the flight. I seem to recall issues with the Boeing Max aircraft wa
  3. No, I booked it from home in the UK
  4. Thanks Andy. I was looking on the web for advice regarding the issue I posted actually and came across this site which looked very interesting. You might be hearing more from me C
  5. I booked a one way flight online for my wife and I with Ryanair in December '19 for a flight from Spain to UK in August '20. The flight confirmation showed that the cost of the flight was €145.68 and that my card had been debited £133.01. I don't recall being given the option of choosing to pay in euros or GBP but it is possible that I was. On 5/2/20 they contacted me to advise that "Due to the non-delivery of the Boeing Max aircraft this summer, please be advised that there has been a significant time change to your Ryanair booking". It was in fact much more than a significant ch
  6. Hi everyone Just want to say hello as a new member. Looking forward to reading, learning and hopefully participating in the forum. C
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