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  1. Re conexus I set the payment level, they write asking for me to increase/review I’ve refused every time and they’ve always accepted this. I did some reading on this site before offering this taking into account rent other loans etc. the FOS complaint was against uncle buck. I’ve not complained against conexus yet. thanks all for your help
  2. Hiya, hope this info helps uncle buck loan from 2016. I borrowed £450 originally. Couldn’t repay, charges and interest added took it to £800 at one point. I went to FOS, they removed all charges and interest and told me to payback only the original loan. Uncle buck sent to conexus and I’m been paying them since 2016. I receive regular statements and now owe £120.
  3. hope this is in the right place. Im dealing with a DCA Conexus over pay day loan paying a tenner a month as I've been long term sick away from work. They've not been too bad compared to some DCA's i've had , they don't phone and only write now and again for updates. One thing's bugged me though which they refuse to play ball in they insist on stamping their letters "Conexus Recovery" - saying they're a DCA. I've asked for them to stop this as I live with my mum and don't want to worry them, Conexus refuse to remove these saying they need to put this on for returned post???? Am I being a bit sensitive here? Thanks all.
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