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  1. Hi uncle Bulgaria could I ask, you state when you get round to updating details an overpayment is worked out and that is the way tax credits works, is that the case even for previous years where you should have given them the details years ago, as in my case?
  2. Thanks its just so hard not to panic I'm a mess!!
  3. Sorry dx, I mean on this site. I deliberately searched for prosecution, interview under caution, fraud etc. I don't know why I'm doing it to myself.
  4. Thank you. I've stupidly spent hours on here searching things like interview under cautions, prosecutions etc so am in a right panic again. I can't believe I've been so stupid. I'm so panicky and worried again about prosecution and just don't know what to do. I know you've all said it won't happen but seems it does happen. I'm so so scared
  5. Good morning all. Having had a bit of sleep I feel a hundred times better today. Could I ask, I understand what has been said that each year is looked at individually, but is there any time limit or idea? And is it a case of being able to add each year's overpayment to the current overpayment? Or does there get to a point where they won't add another overpayment to what I'm currently paying? Thank you, and sorry for all the questions!
  6. Thanks honeybee and dx, I've done nothing but read posts on here all day today and can see people who have felt exactly the same way as me, I guess until its all dealt with I'll still be a bit panicky. I just want to say, I came across this group at 3am after about 72 hours of reading horror stories and really unkind things online in similar cases, the replies from those of you who have done so have literally saved me today. It may be just a post online to each of you, but to me it has meant so very much, so quite genuinly thank you to every single one of you.
  7. Thank you uncle Bulgaria. Could I ask in your knowledge / experience how long it would be before they would start to look at the previous years, whether this would be one year at a time or as a whole time period, and also whether they would look favourably on me making repayments already on the current overpayment and add the previous over payments to this rather than take legal action against me for this? Despite everyone's very kind assurances I'm still thinking worst case scenario and in a real state. My poor daughter keeps asking what is wrong with me as I'm crying,
  8. I have called tax credits, spoken to a very kind man, I was a bit teary and he was very patient. He said he can see my claim has been amended and all payments have now been stopped which I said was good and what I wanted. He then said there's a current overpayment of £2800 for this year 2019 - 2020, but they wouldn't know the final amount until the end of the financial year. I asked to make a voluntary payment towards the 2850, and have paid £150 today as that's all I can afford. I specifically asked him about the previous years as I knew that had the incorrect in
  9. Thank you for your replies I really do appreciate your time. Can I just double check (tired emotional female here not taking everything in properly at moment), the best thing to do is contact tax credits myself on Monday, rather than wait for them to contact me? And do I tell them on the phone there's been a large overpayment.... Do I need to ask about repaying yet or do I wait? Sorry, still in a complete panic!!
  10. Hi all, I am new here and have spent quite genuinly 3 days reading every horror story online, haven't slept or eaten and am a mess. I received a text last week stating I should check my childcare details on my tax credits claim, I signed up online to check rather than call, and my details are completly out of date by 5 years, I think there's an overpayment of around £15k. I am a single mum working full time, not living a life of luxury at all, i have always returned my tax returns but clearly hadn't checked them. What do I do? What a
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