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  1. Okay thanks slick I the next time you hear from me will be about any extra stuff I hear from them Until then, if they even do. Have a good one and I really appreciate all the help Feel a lot better. Oh and by the way, this is what I paid £50 for a solicitor to tell me, compared to the £30 I donated here Her first message was hi I'm Jo, a solicitor for 12 years. I told her my situation and this was my reply Thank you. They may have come by it in all manner. Some of which may have amounted to breaches of the Data Pr
  2. Hi dx Apologies if bugging you I'd rather ignore them than send a letter if I can. IL be changing my number too I think. You say don't worry, but I've never been in trouble befor, I'm less worried after speaking to everyone here Nice bunch of guys or girls Also I'm not gonna claim the money back as it will just annoy them more lol Apologies for being a baby
  3. Hi thanks slick you the man IL go with option A, if you think just to ignore will work, then IL do this. I'm sure it's Ashbourne management services ltd. I haven't received any postal demands at all, no phone calls, no emails like they said. Just this one text, and I didn't have the same number so how would they get this new number (I say new, but it's 3 year old) If you think ignoring them would make them leave me alone I would do this. Screw the money they took from me it was only £12.50 a month. What would you do slick? Has any
  4. Also, I must of stopped going to the gym maybe 3 months after I started. So I've paid 3 years and 8 months ISH. For. No reason, I just thought it be less hassle if I let them carry on the reminder of the year than to cancel it. I haven't received any letters at home, no email from them, no calls or text just that one text last night so I guess they will start chasing me up now
  5. Hi slick, thanks for replying I thought it was for 12 months, so I just assumed it would cancel. But I haven't got a copy of my contract, I just asked the gym in 2018 if in still paying and they said yes, it was a minimum of 12 but will keep going if I don't cancel it. My first payment was in October 2014 and my last was December 2018. That's when I cancelled it! So I haven't paid it for a year so they haven't told me this and will want a huge sum I know it. The money under my bank was something like Ashbourne services - £12.50 You say don't w
  6. I hope Slick sees this, as I've read a lot about my problem and slick seems to answer to a lot of them! Here my problem and I don't know much about it! a few years back I started a gym (body and soul in Mansfield) I thought the gym was for a year only, I never bothered to cancel, after about 2/3 years I realised I was still paying for it. This isn't the problem as I had already been paying and didn't want any money back.. I cancelled my direct debit there and then, not with anyone else just with my online banking... This was at l
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