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  1. hi everybody probably been asked before sorry but i dont know where to start, I took out a loan with Swift quite a few years ago i was paying the monthly payments great up to a few years ago when i was made out of work so while looking for work and not been able to afford repayments but never rung them to explain this (tried to bury my head in the sand and thought it would be ok), so missed a few payments, after a while they sent me a letter for repossession which i manage to work out an arrangement, which was the monthly payments plus a bit extra for the arrears, A few years down the line i'm still paying the monthly pus a bit BUT they still say i owe £xxx , i have been paying this for about 3 over the end of the period its says that this was a repayment mortgage if so why does the interest still keep and if its repayment mortgage then i have paid well over the the original repayment amount. help what can i do they want so send someone from a counselling services to see what they can do to find a solution but nothing has changed since the last time i spoke to them, how can they ask for more when i cannot find more ,sorry if its all higgledy piggledy as i am a bit frustrated thinking that they will try to get the house again thanks
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