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  1. Thank you for your comments. Considering the officer caught someone else 4 minutes before me and the statements are identical except the speed could it not be the officer that is confused also.
  2. Firstly thank you for all your help. As far as i am aware I was not asked to stop by the police in high vis. My view could be yes I did see the police office but still overtook as I thought it was safe. I travelled at the same speed as seeing a police office should not mean you slam the brakes on, that would be dangerous.
  3. Bazza - yes agreed they can prove without reasonable doubt that I was doing 59 in a 40 but they cannot prove I was being careless.
  4. As far as I am aware just stills. If have video evidence then they should share, at least that way it can be resolved quick and easy. The video shows I did nothing wrong then I plead guilty.
  5. I say confused about the careless driver element, not the speeding. I may/may not have been overtaking, I cannot remember. But in my opinion the act of overtaking on a duel carriage way should not been seen as careless driving. Looking the location mostly likely a car was turning left before the zig zag lines for the crossing, if I was behind the car then I would have overtaken after checking my mirrors etc. I don’t see anything wrong with that, it would have been before the zig zag lines.
  6. Thank you for this information. This is the same road, same statement etc only difference is speed. The OP is also as confused as I am.
  7. Hi Honeybee, Yes admitted to being the driver, I am the only person who drives the vehicle and I do use the road in question regularly, so mostly likely it was me. I have never been asked to produce my licence and insurance at a police station. I was not stopped so everything is paper based through the post, at no point I have been told to produce anything until the charge letter.
  8. The witness statement which is not in the court charge sheet but I later obtained is attached. Witness_Statement_-_Black.pdf
  9. Hello, I received a Written Charge (s) S9 statements enclosed document from the courts (attached - written charges - black). When I read the document I understand I am charged with driving without due care and attention. My first thought was "whats that mean". I read the rest of the document and I could not find anything within the witness statement to explain what I did wrong. I went to my local police station to get help, the police office I spoke to was puzzled and said she can't do anything as i'st gone to the courts, she suggested I go to
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