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  1. thankyou so very much, I take it I send the SAR request to the actual company
  2. so they are not getting back to my emails, is there any more that I can do from my end
  3. I had contacted them previously this is when he replied THIS WAS SENT TO ME FROM THEM 5 YEARS AFTER
  4. it is a private run family company she died unexpectedly so there was no will etc, I had been previously trying while she was alive to come to some sort of agreement but after a while they just ignored my emails I haven't informed them yet of her death there is no correspondence at all between my mother and themselves, she was one that did not like to make a fuss yes I can do that
  5. I have a bit of a dilemma my mum paid for a 3 piece to be made, when it turned up it was the wrong colour so she sent it straight back to the shop this was now 7 years ago, and it has never been resolved, she became ill and now she has passed it has only come to our attention that no money has been paid back to her or any other resolution made I have tried emailing them and all I got back is they are a reportable company, and they cannot believe that it has not been resolved, then they said they have changed accountants and all their accounts from 2012 are stored away and cannot be accessed, since that email I have tried on numerous occasions to contact them via email but they have not responded she paid out over £2000 for this and received nothing back where do I stand in trying to get this back now I look forward to your reply thankyou
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