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  1. Thanks for that, thats the Website I applied on, then they telephoned me, they never said anything about the repairs cost being below £1,900, and I cant find stated it anywhere.
  2. Hello, I need some advice please re the ECO Boiler Grant Scheme. I am a disabled pensioner and my boiler has broken down, heat and hot water is essential for my disability. I telephoned my energy company E.ON and was advised I qualified for a new boiler; because my boiler was over 5 years old, had broken beyond economical repair (confirmed in writing by gas registered heating engineer quoting £2,600) I was getting pension credit and a home owner, they arranged for a full home energy survey to be done. The man who came just sat down and said I know you wont qualify, he did no survey, did not even take the cover off the boiler, I showed him the estimate confirming major faults heat exchanger etc, he said that means nothing to us, I have a book and he showed me a scale that a boiler over 5 years old must need repairs that exceed £1,900, and he said I know yours wont, he said I will list out all the major parts and add them up so worst case scenario, he said he came to 45% of £1,900, I said I was not told any of this when I applied over the phone, he said they don’t know they are only admin. I said so basically it could never be written off and this is a wasted call, he then mentioned other parts saying the boiler and flue would have to be taken down and that would be a much bigger job, I said that was the advice I was given re a repair, have no warranty and other major parts could breakdown, I said I was managing to get it going at times playing with the pressure but very hit and miss, I asked will they pay for the repair then? No, you will have to pay for it all yourself, I said we can’t afford that and would not waste it on that boiler. I went online it says the boiler has been discontinued and advise to install a more energy efficient less carbon emission boiler, the grant criteria says must be energy less the 86%, mine is 79% so I qualify, and mine is a non condensing. I want to appeal this decision as it makes no sense to leave a disabled person on means tested benefits with no hot water and heating.
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