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  1. No letters from them as far as I’m aware not moved address I just don’t understand why they took clamp off all they gave me was immobilisation order
  2. Yes got the penalty notice but totally forgot about it as had a lot to deal with and honestly just forgot but nothing from bailiffs until today and they clamped car but then removed it I want to pay what I owe but I honestly can’t deal with bailiffs
  3. Had bailiffs at my door today for husband who had forgotten all about the toll payment as it was last August and we were travelling early back from holiday as my elderly mother was taken into hospital with the virus. One thing after another we just forgot about it then bailiffs this morning who clamped his car I informed them we are classed as vulnerable 4 adults with mental health issues after many stressful events we are medication to deal with stress and there is 2 autistic adults also we are being evicted from property in October so the visit pushed me to the edge after speaking to them explaining our Vunerability and they removed clamp does this mean I can drive my car and what happens next Thankyou
  4. I apologise in advance if I babble I am anxiety sufferer and struggling. Can’t even get face to face with professional which for me heightens everything I hold loans to which my step dad is guarantor never missed payments etc but since covid I’ve struggled. To be Honest every payment for the last year has been a struggle but i made them and gained debt elsewhere sorry realky struggling in how I explain my step dad is 70 severe COPD only has benefit as income and my guarantor apologise if don’t make sense i ll try. Since covid for me was March I’m my mums dads and sons carer I heard the words it’s cancer I locked my parents down. i heard the words that no one wants to hear and my anxiety and stress kicked in I was broken my mum has aggressive fast growing cancer. This is literally 1 week before full lock down fast forward me not seeing my parents not even as a carer I could drop shopping off ring bell and leave that was hell fast forward my mum has to go on hospital I take her but have to leave at entrance she’s scared. That was super hard and I wasn’t in a good place. Surgery day. And then I get phone call surgery cancelled as covid test inconclusive fast forward 4 days. Test negative surgery goes ahead and I’ve no contact etc then late evening I get the call she’s covid postitive actually none of this is relevant to what I’m asking im babbling I apologise I didn’t pay my loan last month I had I decided to pay rent instead They contacted me today whilst at my mums asking my dad to pay arrears please bear in mind he’s Cronic COPD and shielding and mum has major surgery and income is pension and DLA can they chase him for my payment when I’m affecting personally and financially by covid they want payment on 23 May my only Income is benefits at this time. I have 2 sons on the specturum and lost their DLA Now it’s pip and I can’t have them chasing my parents for a payment they can’t make. Again I apologise if I’m. Rambling or don’t make sense I can’t cope with adding extra pressure to my mum and dad Thankyou for reading
  5. Apologies if not in correct forum this is my first post I recently won a case with no win no fee regarding inheritance a family member unlawfully spent its a long story I couldn’t afford to pursue myself as In no financial postition to do so. it all became very complicated we had to do mediation and a barrister was present I was awarded a grand sum of £70k to settle out of court to which i agreed I found the whole situation distressing and wanted it done I've received a letter from the Solicitors after their fees etc I will receive £20k I’ve been advised this is wrong and got a breakdown of costs which does seem a tad ridiculous upon how much can they these firms charge Breakdown of some costs first of all £175.00 per letter then £225 .00 then £250.00 all plus vat emails £250.00 per email to both parties barrister was £10k plus vat for as far as I can see 4 hours at mediation can I dispute these charges or are they the norm for no win no fee lawyers. thank you
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