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  1. Brief background: My car came to end of lease with hitachi vehicle solutions. it Got collected by three burley chaps (a company called Manheim) on behalf of hitachi capital finance . They carried out an inspection . I wouldn’t sign that I agreed with his findings . ( a chip smart repair) he said wasn’t good enough I same day ring and complain to hitachi. I stateD I’m prepared to pay for an independent inspection. Days pass and I find car has been sold . Thus can’t carry out an independent inspection . question: when there is a financial dispute on a vehicle by law can the lease company sell that vehicle before the dispute is resolved ? If not where in consumer law or contract law can I find it stated? i asked for evidence From hitachi that they carried out the Re- repair their Requesting money for and they said they don’t have to provide evidence (it does say that in their faq I checked) anything I can do. ?
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