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  1. Yeah, I guess we were actually very lucky to not kill or maim anyone on the way to the garage.
  2. And if we plead not guilty, but judge says we are guilty, then it will be worse than accepting the 3 points and £100 fine? I argue that it’s not dangerous because someone is less likely to walk up and scratch themselves on the sharp bit at back while the car is being driven I.e. moving vehicle , than if car was parked up at home and someone walked behind the car and scratched themselves against bumper. also it was being driven carefully and not at speed, on the way to get damage fixed? Wouldn’t a judge accept that all of this is reasonable?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. So I'm wondering, if we chose to appeal, what is the likelihood of getting the points waived? if we lose the appeal, then how much worse would it be than just accepting the fixed penalty notice? Many thanks
  4. pdf that shows that images of the car. (someone/something took my individuals jpg's down?)
  5. Hi, someone crashed into the back of my car. I was eventually provided a replacement hire car by the other drivers insurance, this was after I told them that the car is drivable, but I would be uncomfortable driving it at speed. Then they said they will give me the replacement hire car. I had the car parked at my house and I was driving the replacement car. I had to take the damaged car to the garage for an estimate for the insurance company. Insurance wouldn't take it for me because I wanted to use my own garage instead of their one. Since I was going to work in the replacement car, I asked my mum to take the damaged car to the garage. The police spotted her and followed her to the garage. They told her to expect something in the post. She then received a 3 point fixed penalty notice for "Use a motor vehicle in a condition likely to cause danger of injury" and £100 fine. I feel that its unfair because no one ever told us the car was unsuitable to drive, although we had avoided driving it anyway, but we did have to take it to the garage somehow. we felt that it would be okay to drive from to the garage (5 miles away on B-road). And to be fair no one was injured as we took it to the garage, i.e. no harm was done. We left car with the garage to await authorization from insurer to begin repairs. garage dropped mum back off at home. I attach photos of the car. Furthermore the letter from the police has incorrectly recorded the car registration. Mum tried to explain that we were only dropping the car off to the garage. Should we appeal? car damage.pdf
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