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  1. Thanks I have already claimed against qq (£44.00 received a week before they took the cowards way out) £70 received from Wonga administrators, £10 to come from wda. Would love to nail tooth fairy, payday UK and a few others. Will look into it today. I had vast loans over many years, I lost track. Credit record only just repaired, hence the worry of them slapping a default on what is a low amount.
  2. Sent tge request to crs, they said it could take up to 30 days. They emailed it to me within a week. They do say in their correspondence that they are acting on behalf of instant cash loans(but I thought they had gone bust) Updated details with icl over the phone.
  3. I have answered above. First contact from crs in December 2019. Account(s) showing as paid and closed in march 2019. I have moved but updated my details when I was in agreement with them. Last payment made to account in Feb 2019. I wasn't able to redact the pdf.
  4. So both payday express/UK showing on noddle as paid and closed in March 2019. First contact from crs in December via email and text. The online portal does show my current address. I did request the credit agreement but it has no signature.
  5. Instant cash loans. I was making payments in 2018 because I kept checking my credit file as it wasn't showing default. I thought I have to pay this to make it go or it would be forever showing as overdue. (I keep saying they, because I had ones with payday Express and one payday UK, one was cleared, the other wasn't) it was then showing under closed accounts marked as satisfied.
  6. Hi i took out a payday loan with day day express in 2012 which was not paid up. Payments were made via debt management plans and personal agreements. However a default was never raised against them, just showed as overdue on credit file. but they fell off my credit record. I have now got a company called crs who keep trying to get this money off me. I requested the credit agreement but obviously my signature is not on it. Is this enforceable, can they raise a default (which is the last thing on earth I want, now that all defaults are clear) Thanks in advance
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