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  1. Sorry for the delay, Despite asking for a copy of the claimform. I am still waiting for it! Moved in 2017 which was after the CCJ But this morning, in the post came a letter from Andrew Wilson & Co High Court Enforcement It says Notice of Enforcement - date notice issued 17/03/2020 The amount has jumped to £16k which includes £4233.28 interest since the letter CCI sent last month. They didn't refuse free treatment, just decided afterwards that I wasn't entitled to all of the treatment free What do I do now? When can I expect bailiffs to turn up - as the letter has taken 3 days to arrive via first class post
  2. Hi, I've given up trying to scan the letter so instead I'll type what it says below instead! URGENT - Date 14 February 2020 Dear Xxaria, Our Client : Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust Claim Number: ********** Judgement Date : 24/06/2016 Judgement Debt : £11k We write further to the CCJ awarded against you on the 24th of June 2016 for sum of £11k Under the terms of the Judgment, you are required to make payment of the full amount forthwith. What is going to happen now? Please note that details of Judgments are entered in a public register, the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines. Details of this Judgment will be made available to credit reference agencies, who will supply them to credit grantors and others seeking information on your financial standing. This is likely to make it difficult for you to get credit or obtain other services. How does a CCJ affect your Credit Rating? If you don't pay the amount owed, it will appear as a negative factor on your credit report and this will therefore lower your overall credit score. This means it will be hard to obtain quality credit after the record has been made and rebuilding your credit rating in the future will be harder for you. If you are able to pay the full amount within one month from the date the Judgment was entered, you can ask the court to "cancel" the entry on the register by supplying proof of payment. After this one month period, the Judgment will remain on your credit file for 6 years, however upon payment of the amount, you can ask the Court for Judgment to reflect being "satisfied", and request a certificate of Satisfaction which may make it easier for you to obtain credit. What happen if you don't pay the CCJ? If we or the client do not receive payment or a payment proposal from you, we will have no alternative but to recommend that our client takes further collection activity against you. This may include applying for warrant of execution or control, with a view to instructing the County Court Bailiff or a High Court enforcement agency to enforce the terms of the Judgment, which may substantially increase your liablility for costs. How do you pay your CCJ? If a payment by credit or debit card is your preferred method of payment, please call us on xxxxx and we will be happy to process it for you. If you are unable to pay in full, please call us on xxxxx and we will assist in arranging a mutually agreeable payment plan. All payment options can be found on the reverse of this letter. If you cannot afford to pay due to financial difficulties and problems with debts, you should seek financial advice. We strongly advise that you ensure your Debt Advisor is fully regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. What do you need to do now? You need to contact us to discuss your payment options by the 24th of February 2020. We trust that further action will not be necessary and look forward to your immediate response. Yours faithfully, CCI Credit Management Ltd
  3. They claimed that I wasn't entitled to free treatment on the NHS. I dont honestly remember getting a claim form but I'm guessing that as they have a CCJ I must have done and stupidly ignored everything
  4. It was for the NHS Dartford and Gravesham trust. I don't have any of the original documents and I don't recall defending the claim either
  5. Hi. I hope someone can help. I'm not sure if it's CCI credit management trying it on or not. They got a CCJ against me back in 2016 for £11k and the judge awarded the claim to be paid forthwith - which was impossible so I stupidly ignored it. They escalated it and it wasn't long before Marston's bailiffs were at the door. I never let them in but the amount shot up to £14k with their fees and after a few months they gave up calling and it's been silent until today. When I get a letter saying they have a CCJ against me and if I don't come up with a payment plan or pay it all by the 24th February they will continue action which may involve bailiffs. The odd thing is the amount they are asking for is the original amount of the CCJ. All the extra fees from the original bailiffs have gone. Do they have to go back to court to get bailiffs again and it starts from scratch or is it an attempt to get payment again after the failure last time. Thank you Xxaria
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