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  1. I will be contacting both the finance company and the trade centre tomorrow morning myself to make sure I receive written evidence off both parties stating the contract will be getting rolled back.
  2. I will bring this up with them, i still need to give them a spare key and v5 for the vehicle so when I go there friday I will be questioning this and I have emailed my finance company already but I will be sure to contact them tomorrow following the rejection
  3. The trade centre has finally accepted the rejection of the vehicle and I will be signing the contract in friday! They will be giving me all monies I have spent on the finance and reports. Thank you so much for the guidance
  4. Highly appreciate this! Just incase it does not go the way I want, how do i get the papers involved, also what solicitors would you recommend?
  5. I've had a email back Thank you for your below email. I can confirm I have been in direct contact with the Finance Company regarding your vehicle. It has been agreed after both our initial inspection and the ACE engineers inspection have concluded further investigation is required on the reported water ingress that the vehicle comes back to branch in order for us to carry this out. I understand your frustration and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. We of course want to have the matter resolved as soon as possible and hope once we have further answers on the above we are able to progress. Until the inspection is fully complete I’m afraid we are unable to agree an unwind of the deal. The vehicle has been recovered in to branch today and we therefore hope to get some answers within the next few days. Once we have these I will be assessing the report with our Group Manager in order to move forward. I shall be in touch as soon as possible with the outcome. Kind regards in was concluded that the water was coming through the vents on both the Mercedes and my finace companys inspector report. Do I really have to wait a few days for them to come to a decision? Or would you consider this been hisitaint with a decision?
  6. The car has now been taken to the trade centre and I am awaiting a decision on of the managers. If they dont agree to the rejection this will be the email I'll send to them. If there is anything else I could add to this pleas could you let me know?
  7. Okay completely understandable. If tomorrow the trade centre do there inspection and the managers decide yet again to not accept the rejection and they offer repairs, obviously it is my choice, but I would rather not accept the repairs and carry on trying to fight them for a rejection. How long could this take before they win or give in?
  8. I did sent the finace company with a written letter of rejection, problem was I only contacted the dealership within the first 30 days, but I dont raise the issues with the finace company. Would this change my situation? Honestly at the moment I am very tempted to cancel the direct debit and allow then to take me to court would this also change anything? And I purchased the car in England Thank you for all the help and knowledge.
  9. The cars street value is around £8,000 Full finance been £15,890 And the Mercedes inspection was £110
  10. On the 21st November 2019 I purchased a Mercedes A180 from the trade centre uk a second hand car dealership, after a month of driving the car I noticed water ingress in under the boot where the spare tyre goes, there was a substantial amount of water so i rang up the dealership on the 30th day of me owning the vehicle, telling them I want to reject the vehicle and they said they will need to inspect before any decisions were made on there behalf. The date was 20th December 2019 After reporting the issue and raising a complaint the trade centre wanted to inspect the vehicle to find the source of the leak. The earliest appointment i got was the 15th January 2020, in the meantime I wanted to get a peace of mind and took the vehicle to a Mercedes dealership and have it inspected by a Mercedes technician. The date for the inspection with Mercedes was the 9th January 2020. When i picked up the car the following day the issues were very concerning as the water ingress was caused from a issue with the vents on top of the boot and the rear brake pads were worn at 70% and the discs were worn 100% to the limit (I have written and video evidence of the issues) Mercedes themselves deemed the car unsafe to drive aswell as been unsatisfactory. On the 15th of January i took the car in to the trade centre, before the technician took the car to inspect it, I gave the customer relations team member the written report that Mercedes made and he photocopied and he gave it to the technician. After a few hours i received a phone call saying the car was absolutely fine and was ready for me to pick it up, so i went up to trade centre and spoke with another member of staff to be refused to speak further with a manager, going through the report that there technician had done was completely different from the Mercedes report and was given a week to accept repairs on the vehicle. meanwhile i was in contact with my finace company and they sent a private inspector to come out called ACE on the 28th January 2020 to see if the car was in the condition point of sale. As he viewed the car and done his report it came back that the car was sold to me with all the ongoing issues and completely deemed the car unsafe and unsatisfactory, so the report came back pretty much exactly the same as the Mercedes report. After 2 days I had a phone call from the trade centre saying they will only accept repairs on the vehicle and I completely declined that and was pushing for the car to be rejected. I stopped driving the car after the Mercedes report only doing 1000 miles in the month I had it and as a good customer I am still paying £265 a month on the vehicle without obviously using it. The trade centre want to do another inspection on the vehicle on the 17th February 2020 to see if circumstances have changed so the management can come to their final decision to see what happens going foward. With the trouble i have had the vehicle I know that they are not going to accept the rejection and repairs will happen. I feel as I do have a leg to stand on here as the car is covered with mould from top to bottom and they car is absolutely saturated with water from the boot to the pedals in the Mercedes. I understand my consumer rights and have obviously verbally rejected the vehicle on recorded calls, I just want to know peoples opinions and any way that could help me in this situation. Thanks.
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