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  1. They are ALL in original post.
  2. As a disabled person with cancer, heart failure and numerous other ailments, including oxygen damage, looking for advice on a missold mattress, I certainly wont be recommending this group! The last thing I needed was to be messaged to tell me that I am practically illiterate. If your choice is to pick people up on their punctuation and actually read what was written! All questions you asked were in my original post and it makes no sense to say my account was scant and ask for more detail without the narrative! I assume you are a regular at trying to belittle people, sadly I am sure you manage that quite well. I will be taking myself out of your group, I assume its yours by your obviously god given right to belittle rather than offer any actual help or advice. Thankyou for the totally unnecessary english lesson, I have got to 60 yrs old with the skills I have, despite also being dyslexic! I wish you good luck with your teacher training!
  3. I am a disabled lady also cancer patient with heart failure and diabetes, forced to try and sleep in a chair for last 3 weeks and forseeable future. Bensons for beds salesman lied to me and sold me a mattress he was having extra padding put in, it would have been too firm for me. since found out that is something they never do. Mattress was faulty also, inspection deemed it manufacturers fault. I asked for a topper in order to be able to use mattress until a replacement is sent, no. I have been lied to by customer service and sales team and they are only agreeing to replace with a similar mattress, but no extra padding. This is not what I bought and think I would be better getting my money back. Bought 6th February 2019 received a couple of weeks later. There is a whole site aimed at people getting horrendous treatment from Bensons so I have been advised by them I will have to fight hard. Is it reasonable to expect a refund now I know the mattress replacement will probably be no better.?
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