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  1. I have just received this email from the courts in Burnley: "Dear Mr Xxxxx Due to them age of the file there is no paper work to send. The letter you received from ourselves was because we are destroying attachment of earnings files and have to give the parties chance to inform us if the debt is still live. The case relates to a debt Arrow, Global bought from HSBC, A/C NO - 999999/99999999, that goes back to 2001 and the claimant bought in 2014. If you think the debt is paid or wish to contest it you should apply to set judgment aside on form N244 which will unfortunately cost £ 255.00. You can also use form EX160 for help with the fees." Not sure which letter they mean as I have received nothing.
  2. No, no credit card. I had a loan but that was cleared off many years ago.
  3. They did say someone had contacted them in 2017 but it wasn't me - I was in Spain and oblivious to this. Yes I did have dealings with HSBC. I had an account with them for many years and took out a mortgage with them in 2002/3 which ran until around 2008. So if I had any debt with them from 2001 they had 7 years or more to tell me about it!
  4. Ok, I have a little more information. I called Northampton court and they said the CCJ was registered by Arrow Global Ltd for a debt with HSBC from 14 July 2001. The case had been transferred to Burnley as my address at the time was in Blackburn. I called Burnley court and they confirmed the claimant and gave me a number for their solicitor, Restons. They also said something about a notice being sent out to Arrow to ask if there was in fact anything owed. They didn't receive a response. They did say they had had some contact with the defendant, which definitely wasn't me. The case is archived so I have had to email to ask for copies of any documents to be sent to me. I called Restons and the automated system asked me to enter my reference number. I did and it went a bit funny then gave me a message to contact Arrow directly. I haven't done so yet.
  5. Hi everyone, I thought I'd come on here to get this off my chest (i.e. have a little whinge) and see what people here make of the situation I found myself in yesterday. First, a little timeline: April 2012 - May 2013 we (my wife and I) lived in Crewe May 2013 - December 2013 we lived in Rugby December 2013 - March 2019 we lived in Spain March 2019 - Now we are back in the UK in private rented accomodation We've decided to stay here in the UK so have been looking to buy a property rather than keep paying rent. We arranged a "mortgage in principle" with TSB then off we went property hunting. We found somewhere we liked, had an offer accepted and found ourselves a solicitor. We then went down to the local TSB to do the mortgage application proper. A couple of days later (yesterday in fact) TSB contacted me to say that I had a CCJ registered against me in September 2016 at the Crewe address for £555 and as such would not be prepared to offer us a mortgage. We nearly fainted! Off we went and signed up to Checkmyfile to see what was what and sure enough there is the offending CCJ which we new nothing about. As far as we were aware, when we moved from Crewe everything was settled as far as outstanding debts were concerned, and we redirected our mail for 6 months to our new address in Rugby. At no time did we receive any payment demands from anyone and certainly no court documentation. Again when we left Rugby for Spain we settled everything before we went. I'm at a loss to explain how I have incurred this CCJ, or more importantly a £555 debt without being aware of it. I also find it difficult to believe that someone would wait almost 3 and a half years to register a claim in the courts against me at an old address. Are people really that slow in doing these things? Isn't there some kind of time limit? I now have a case number so will be contacting the courts first thing Monday morning to try and find out who thinks I owe them money. Could this be fraudulent activity, or some really slow debt collector?
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