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  1. Thanks for your help you guys! Think I've got quite abit of reading and preparing for Court to do. Happy Easter!
  2. Hi, I have rec'd my court date and wondered whether I should just contact Abbey Legal Dept to see if they will settle out of court, don't fancy waiting until June to end this nightmare. Would be greatful of any advice.
  3. Hi, does anyone know how long it takes for a court date to come through once AQ submitted? Thanks
  4. Hi, I was offered £150 which went into my account, still wrote back to them thanks but no thanks. Not sure if £150 will be taken off total amount, I'm waiting for my court date to come through then I will contact them.
  5. It is very frustrating as I had the same letter even after 6 months of correspondance with them. If I were you I would just send them a breakdown of the charges, I think they think the more info they ask of you, the more likely you will give up it's ridiculous really.
  6. Your welcome, it's worth looking on moneysavingexpert.com as it tells you what to do once you have submitted your claim online.
  7. Yes I would just writeback to them declining their offer.
  8. You only need to start a judgement if they don't respond within their allocated time.
  9. Hi Sutherm, know what you mean it's a good job there are fantastic sites like this that really help you along the way!
  10. Basically means if you want to start a judgement you click it, I wondered the same thing at first!
  11. Hi, I got the same letter from Abbey. So I sent them a copy of all previous correspondance and a breakdown of all charges. They then sent me a letter offering half (which I declined) and a couple of days later a copy of their defence. I took my Allocation Questionairre into Court Tues and await a date. I also had £150 good will gesture just put into account, which I also wrote to them declining, not sure if this will come off total amount, will have to see.
  12. Hi Vicky, they have done exactly the same to us, filed a defence then offered half of claim. I wrote back saying no thank you, handed my Allocation Questionairre (which is probably on it's way to you) and await a court date. Once I get a date will probably contact Abbey to see if they will settle out of court for full amount.
  13. Hi, Abbey did exactly the same to us. (I'm claiming my mums bank charges back for her) We got a letter offering half sent them nice letter back saying sod off! A month or so ago they also put £150 into mums bank account even though we sent a letter declining their offer of it. Gave my Allocation Quest to Court Tuesday and await a court date. Once we get date will probably contact Abbey to see if they want to settle out of court, not sure if claim will be minus £150 or not??
  14. My claim is till ongoing, have read if you win you claim you get court fees back, not sure if Abbey will add them to charges or whether that will be a separate fight!! It's good to know your not going through this alone isn't it!
  15. Hi, the bank now have 14 days to acknowledge your claim (they acknowledged mine after 2 days). They then have another 14 days to respond and file a defence. Again they filed a defence with my claim and both parties are then sent an Allocation Questionairre which you need to complete and return to your local court along with a further £100 which is abit of a bummer! I took my AQ to the court Tuesday and now it's just a case of waiting for a court date to come through, From what I have been told tho, Abbey settle before going to court. I'm claiming my mums bank charges back and have b
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