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  1. Hey you helped me out about a week ago with RLP stuff. Just got the letter and it says I have to pay £99.50 over a £5 item - I’m not going to pay. But I want the letters to stop coming to my house is there anyway to give them a new address? Or to tell them to stop? Pls help


  2. Last week I attempted to steal a £5 beauty product from Superdrug. They got the product back but it was taken out of the packaging but not tampered with. I don’t know why I did this and it certainly will never happen again. I was caught, asked to go back inside and was asked to prove my age (16) which I did or he threatened to call the police or my parents if I didn’t not provide proof of age. No parents or police were called. After this he took down my name, DOB, phone number and address. He said I would receive a fine in the mail for around £70 but I could pay i
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