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  1. Just received an eMail from Waitrose. Parking Charge has been quashed. Thanks you all for the help and advice.
  2. Just called Waitrose Customer Services. Gave all details to their rep., and sought/received assurance no details would be forwarded to Britannia. Explained I'm unsure exactly who the driver may have been on the day in question, though possibly my elderly father - as he's more likely to overstay. The rep. referred to the proposed charge as a 'fine'. I politely pointed out neither they or the parking co. are in a position to issue fines. I also suggested cancelling the ParkingCN would be the best outcome for everyone, as I would otherwise appeal th
  3. A few of Qs before I take this up with Waitrose: . considering it might be a lengthy phone call, would it be better to eMail in my request to annul the Parking Charge? Or write in, if there's a concern they'll simply forward any eMail to Britannia. . should I mention that NTK requirements not met in my correspondence with Waitrose? . does my letter from Britannia qualify as NTK despite not stating it is, and not mentioning POFA2012? . in the event Waitrose don't kill it, must I appeal via Britannia as a pre-cursor to POPLA appeal? . should I
  4. Thanks to everyone who's replied with advice. As it is, I will call Waitrose (Head Office?), politely explain the situation, and request they annul the 'ticket' to avoid further hassle - which would be best for all parties. I take it that I shouldn't identify the driver of the vehicle, and is it worth pointing out 'no keeper liability created under POFA' at this stage? Based on the POFA point, I'm somewhat confident Britannia won't pursue the case - as hopefully they'll see it a case they'll likely lose. Presumably there's existing Case Law decided on that specific poi
  5. No specific mention of Signage, though it does say 'associated works'. I will write to Waitrose, but am I safe to presume their sending the NTK outside the 14 days is sufficient to protect me from successful claim via the courts - or is it not so simple?
  6. Will aim to do so later today. Wasn't sure it was a good idea to show times, as I figured it would allow Britannia to identify my case.
  7. Thanks EB. And yes, the NTK does have two pics of my vehicle arriving and leaving. I will look into the planning permission for cams, and refrain from contacting Britannia either way. Thanks again
  8. Hello. I apparently overstayed at Waitrose Brighton car park. Whereas they previously had reasonable staff members on the gate (who understood if you'd been waylaid) they now have Britannia using ANPR. I recently received a PCN (PARKING, NOT Penalty). It wasn't identified as NTK, but presumably intended to serve as such. Importantly, this was dated more than 14 days after the alleged infringement - and didn't mention 'The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012'. Having browsed the forums here, I believe this notification falls foul of PFA2012 - but does th
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