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  1. Hi. I've had a county court business centre letter come through my door yesterday asking for a substantial (for me) sum of money. I called lowell solicitors ( the people who took me to court) this morning and all they said was, that this was taken to court last year and I was deemed responsible to pay the full amount. I do remember receiving a letter from a place in Northampton which was also listed as a business centre. The letter did not look legitimate at all it was clearly a photocopy and poorly done. when I queried it online I found so many people saying it was a [problem] so I disposed of the letter. And now I have this new one which looks equally suspicious. On calling Lowell they say it is for an outstanding account with Vodafone. For terminating before the contract ended. The reason for this was because of the disgusting service I was receiving and I was no longer going to pay for it. The only thing I didn't do that I wished I had was do everything in writing. All correspondence was done with them over the phone. I'm now stuck with Lowell a ccj then i dont definitely know that its legit, and a huge debt. Is there anything I can do or say to lowell to make them reconsider the amount and to then make reasonable repayments. Thank you.
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