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  1. I caught meningitis last December and spent time in hospital fighting the illness. Since being discharged, I have subsequently been left with post viral fatigue which has meant I couldn't return to work so have been signed off sick by GP. I have only been receiving statutory sick pay during this time which meant I couldn't keep up with my car payments I immediately contacted Startline and told them what had happened. I sent them letter from gp and medical certificates and asked for them to either reduce my payments or half them for a month or two. They initially came back suggesting I make a token payment of 50 pound but didn't really reduce the payments going forward. in other words, I would have to make an immediate payment of 50 pounds, then with in a week or so, make almost the full payment. I wrote back saying this wasn't really of much help but heard nothing from them for ages. I wrote to them again offering to pay 100 pound and asked once again for a more realistic payment plan, however, the next thing I heard was that they were threatening to repossess my car unless I paid all of the outstanding payments. I responded immediately asking them to be reasonable and reminding them I'd kept in contact with them etc. I also said they were making things worse because they were now adding in agents fees. Days went past then this morning I received notice they had instructed their agents to repossess the car and unless I paid the money they'd asked for, the car would be taken. As a gesture of good will they said if I paid the arrears, they would allow me to pay the agents fees off over a period of a few months. Surely this is unreasonable behaviour? Do I have any recourse in this situation? They are saying I haven't paid a third of the car loan off so they can easily do this. I thought I had paid more than a third off but that said, it seems extremely unfair given my illness. Please, if anyone has any ideas what I can do it who I can speak to, I would be very grateful
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