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  1. Im afraid I don't. How would that phone call mean I have get out of jail free card? They said I am able to pay PayPal themselves however it must be the full amount at once. If I can't do this, then I must contact MoorCroft.
  2. Copy and pasted from my Reddit thread - "Hey everyone, Just need some advice about a letter I received through the post today. I am currently not working (apart from a 20 hour a month job which is freelance work). I am living at my girlfriends house, but am not officially on the tenancy. I am based in England. Today I got a letter through the post from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited, saying I have an overdue account of £350 with PayPal and they have been instructed to come collect it. This is correct and is because I paid for an item with "pay after delivery" and by the time it came to pay, I had come out of work and zero money. I got the letter today and have until the 14th (friday) to phone them to discuss repayment. What would people advise? are they likely to come to my girlfriends house to find me, are they able to enter if I'm not on the tenancy, should I phone them? Thanks!" Update - Today I phoned PayPal asking if I can pay in monthly instalments however the guy simply said I can only pay the full amount via PayPal, if I want to pay in monthly instalments then I will need to speak with Moorcroft.
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