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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Lowell are chasing me for a Barclaycard debt, I had been repaying this but at an amount which I couldn't afford. I CCa'd them by recorded delivery on the 29th Sept 2006, they cashed the £1.00 cheque but no agreement arrived. They have phoned me at least once a month since then and sent several letters. Each time I explained that I was waiting for a copy of my CCA, each time someone said they would sort it out. Still nothing but now a letter from Hamptons threatening legal action. Does anyone have a good letter I can send to Lowell, Hamptons, the OFT and trading standards or any good
  3. I am supposed to be paying but as it is in dispute over the signed credit agreement, I'm not. Just trying to decide how to reply. Any ideas - based on their reply as in one of the above posts? Sam
  4. Hi Can someone advise on the above post. Thank you
  5. Hi This is the copy of the letter I received from F. W. Oakes (Empire Stores Catalogue) On behalf of my client, Empire Stores, I refer to your letter of the 18/09/06 and your request for a copy of the signed Consumer Credit Agreement. I attach a copy of the standard agreement which you should have signed in accordance with advice given to you at the time you established your home shopping account with Empire Stores. You appear to have an agreement as payments have been received. I attach a sample of your "your Guide to shopping with Empire" and direct your attention to the
  6. Hi I sent a cca request to F W oakes about my empire stores account, they sent a copy of empire stores credit agreement but not a signed one as they say it is not necessary on a catalogue account. Any idea if this is true? Thanks Sam
  7. Hi Did you phone simon lamb in southampton because you have claimed online? or is it your nearest court. I'm trying to decide who to phone to get things moving - still waiting for bailiffs to go in for the second time. Getting very p****d off.
  8. Well! according to the Court, the bailiffs have signed off as the RBS told them they had paid me in full on 02/08/06. You would think I might have noticed a little matter of £2500 going into my account. I didn't because, of course it hadn't!! Lying *****'s So now I have to re-issue the warrant - more time. I also don't understand why I wasn't contacted at the time to make sure I had been paid. All a bit strange and very annoying.
  9. Hi I'm at a similar stage to you BUT according to the court when I phoned on Tuesday to see if the bailiffs had been actioned, I was told yes and they had signed it off as the RBS had told the bailliffs they had paid me in full. Nobody tried checking with me which I find a bit (very!) strange. I now have to resend in the bailiffs, it won't cost any more money only time, which I really don't have. Hope you're having more luck!!
  10. hI I'm going to my local court tomorrow to send the bailliffs in, unless they've replied since to their judgement since monday. It all seems to be a wait and see game.
  11. Hi I'm more or less at this stage, my judgement against RBs would have arrived yesterday. It's all just a wait and see game, one I can't really afford to play but don't have much choice. I would have said 5 days for a bank to act was more than enough, they don't give us 5 days before they take £35 off you.
  12. i had posted a couple of other replies but not sure where they are. hence the gap between these.
  13. Please con someone change the title of my thread to sbroad v RBS, thanks My judgement will be issued against rbs on monday, which is i assume they will recieve it according to the court. I suppose they will then just have it set aside to delay things even more. Lots of us in the same boat.
  14. I have applied for my judgement today, as the RBS have not acknowledged my claim, or at least as far as I know as the clerk who is dealing with it at the court has, needless to say been away and there is a delay of about 2 weeks before I might hear anything more definite. I claimed an unspecified amount which seems to make it more complicated and require a hearing with the judge. Anyone else had this or got any info or advice?
  15. update: RBS only have until tomorrow to acknowledge my claim but knowing my luck they will. The b******s will have had £300 off me in the last 2 weeks, talk about stuffing me up good & proper!!!!
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