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  1. Are you seriously saying they can get a CCJ on the wrong person without the person even knowing? I feel I have to reiterate here, this is NOT my debt, I'm not trying to dodge something or not repay something I have had. This is why I was saying should I just reply to their request in the first place, but from what you are saying it seems like it's some sort of elaborate trap setup to get money not out of genuine debtors but unaware innocent people. I am absolutely furious that this can happen! You have said that the fact they have sponged my address from my credit file isn't enough to protect me, but there shouldn't be anything to protect me from! How can they possibly get a guaranteed CCJ on the wrong person? Sorry, I'm waffling here but I'm SO angry at this. thank you for the advice, I am left wondering what kind of trouble I could have ended up in without it. I will inform them of my current and correct address and nothing more, and tell them to only contact me by writing. Thank you again!
  2. Thanks for the reply dx100uk. The first (and second) contact from then was by post, so they have my current address already. Can they really send a bailiff if they aren't even sure it's the right person? Surely I would have some sort of recourse if they take action.
  3. I don't have the Moorcroft letter, as I said I thought they had realised it wasn't me and closed the case so I didn't bother keeping it. I haven't got any more information about the original debt than the amount and the creditor. I've never had anything from a shop on finance, I've never fallen for the sales pitch, the interest rates always seemed ridiculous. I was at my last address for about 15 years before I moved in with my partner where I am now, so way more than 6 years. They are just fishing aren't they? Thanks again!
  4. Well I signed up to Clearscore and I can't see anything loan related on there at all. In fact there's virtually nothing on there. It's got my bank account, my newer address, my old address and the balance of my mortgage account, which isn't even where I'm living. Long story there, but the mortgage is for the house I used to share with my ex and kids. Fortunately we are still on good terms and all is smooth there. The only thing listed under there 'things to improve' is telling me to take out a credit card to earn some credit history. Again thanks for the replies!
  5. Thanks for the replies! Fortunately I didn't use my 'good' email address to email them, I thought about that before and used an address made for the job. @dx100uk I have no idea if it's on my credit file, I've never thought to check. It shouldn't be as it's not my debt. As for the date I have no idea either, I've never been given any information other than the amount and the original creditor. With regards to the address it's the same story there, all they have asked is did I live at No. 17? No mention of a street name or a postcode. Thinking back it's possible that Moorcroft may have given a date when they wrote, but as they seemed to accept me saying they had the wrong person I didn't keep their letters to me. If I do give them the information they have asked for I can't really see that they can do anything with it except rule me out as the debtor. There is however the horrible feeling that these companies aren't beyond questionable behavior to get money out of people. Should I just send them what they asked? They already know my current address and postcode as they have written to me, and I've already given them my full name, all I would tell them is that I've never lived at a number 17 anywhere, what harm can that do? Thanks for the help!
  6. First of all, hello! I've been reading threads on here for a while looking for a clear answer and either not understood or not found a clear answer. I have received a couple of letters from PRA group asking about debt that isn't mine. I have had in the past letters from Moorcroft about this debt which I challenged stating it wasn't me and afterwards they stopped contacting me about it and I assumed they had realised they had the wrong person and given up. I moved three years ago and at the start of last month I got a letter from PRA group asking me to get in touch about a debt, with the amount (£403) and the original creditor (GE capital global consumer finance) which I recognised as the same amount that Moorcroft were asking for originally. I've just the other day received another letter from PRA group again asking to get in touch to 'discuss your account'. After a little bit of searching I found a letter template ( https://www.scottishtrustdeed.co.uk/creditor-details/pra-group-debt-collectors/ ) that I used to email them and tell them this wasn't my debt. They have today replied with this. Hi ****** Thank you for getting in touch! So we can help you, and just to make sure we are speaking with the correct person, could you please give us the following details: Your date of birth Your current address and post code Can you please confirm if you have ever lived at a house number 17 (including post code)? When you have replied with this information, we will get in touch as soon as possible. I really don't know at this point if I should just ignore them or just give them this tiny bit of information to get them off my back. Just for clarity this is NOT my debt, and I've never lived at a number 17 anywhere. I'm really annoyed that a company can just assume they have the right person and send letters like this. Thanks for reading!
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