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  1. I think I will wait for week to see what they respond with. If they can set aside on mutual consent because I was not in the country while the CCJ was issued, I will probably leave it there. If they ask for more money or they can't set aside, I will have to initiate the chargeback and apply for the Set Aside on my own. The reason I rather not do this is because I don't know if I can defend the original parking fine as I had lost the initial appeal. But a set aside on the basis I was not given 30 days to respond to the CCJ would remove it from my records.
  2. I still havent done the chargeback. I have sent an email to Gladstones to cancel the CCJ without me paying anything to Newlyn. I really want to get this dealt with soon and get the CCJ removed. If I do a chargeback, the whole process migh take even longer. I want to put down a deposit for a house because there are a couple of things hanging on that.
  3. @dx100uk Gladstones checked my case and said they can see I have paid the full amount I owe them. Considering my case that I was not in UK, they might be able to cancel the CCJ provided I do the following: Show evidence I was not in UK when the CCJ was served I have to get in touch with Newlyn and pay what I owe them as they were not aware I was not in the county and they had send people for the debt recovery. I need to pay them and show evidence of that debt is cleared. I asked why should pay Newlyn as I was not given a chance to respond the the CCJ in the first place
  4. I got in touch with Gladstones. They said I owe money to Newlyn as they had sent out baliliffs for the debt recovery. If I show evidence that has been paid + evidence I was not in UK, they might be able to cancel the CCJ. What should I do? I think I will have to pay £100 or so to settle the amount with Newlyn. @dx100uk I paid the CCJ because I never thought it would even get to this stage. Every forum told me no need to pay private parking firms, they will send a few mails but it will never reach the court. I thought to bite the bullet
  5. Once upon a time. we had rented a flat with some parking spaces behind, there were cars parked on the way to the parking leaving enough gap for a car to pass, which meant about 15 - 17 cars could park. One fine day, the parking was under UKCPM and they put up signs saying only to park on the marked bays. There were 9 bays in total for the 27 flats. The residents used to continue to park on the way to the parking and so did I. Many of us recieved PCN for a fine of £60 that would go up to £100 if not paid in 14 days. I checked online and many forums said I need not pay and that they wi
  6. @dx100uk I was working remotely for the company in UK. I don't have anything to prove residency abroad. I can get a letter from the company stating I was not in UK @FTMDave Thanks, that gives me some confidence to do it on my own. Any idea on the turn around time for the courts? What do you mean by "defence against UKcpm?"
  7. I am planning to Set Aside. I checked with a company and they charge £500 as their fee. Is this something I can do on my own? I don't think I can defend the original ticket, as it was my fault. The parking company was UK CPM.
  8. I had received a CCJ on 11th Nov 2019 for £269 for a parking offence. I was not in UK from 6th Oct 2019 to 1st Feb 2020. I have paid the full amount to Gladstones Solicitors on 2nd Feb 2020. I can see the CCJ on my credit file and my credit score has gone down. Can the CCJ on my credit file be removed because I was not in the country and hence I was not able to pay within the 30 days. Should I contact Gladstones or the County court? Thanks
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