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  1. Ok so is there anyway they could get to me down the track?
  2. It's a credit file from Australia, as I don't think they realise I'm here, i settled my last debt in 2018 from england also... The letters address is in Australia to and the original creditor which is in Australia has signed it over to them
  3. Yes I realise that I shouldn't have paid them but the hounding got so bad..... they have responded by sending notice of assignment and saying they have a snap shot of the credit file also name dob employer details and address and been trying to contact me via phone no which is Australian I don't think they know I'm in England but they probably will find out, so the best thing I to ignore them?
  4. And so it begins again!!! I moved back to the UK in 2018, and had a battle with credit corp, it all got a bit much for me and paid the debt... I received an email this morning from the one and only credit corp stating they had another debt of mine, I want to know what the grounds are for me to not pay the debt its $6000... unfortunately I'm a single mum barely scraping by, I'm an honest person and usually pay my debts off but this one I'm just keeping my head above water.... I emailed them back and have denied that I had another credit card and paid off the one that I had with them and also asked them if they had the right person... so I'm waiting for a response but I'm really unaware of what I need to be doing? Please help
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