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  1. Thank you for your post and tbh, I see the error of my ways. No I won't start discussing others driving in the company, that's their problem, they are aware that there are plenty of awful drivers. My aim, is to simply reduce the personal damage to my reputation and hopefully continue employment and then relocate later. I understand my driving could bring the company into disrepute, however the truth be told... I'm not a reckless or dangerous driver, crossing the speed limits sometimes makes me neither of these. However I will be approaching the meeting wi
  2. Thank you, my conduct is pretty decent in work overall. One formal verbal warning, good client relations, most highly skilled staff memeber, most educated staff member. Thank you, I'll take your advice. I think I'll pay for an advance driving course. In advance of the meeting.
  3. I do appreciate your help, I'm just frustrated. There is no further information in the driver policy, related to driver conduct. In the disciplinary policy: Warranting disciplinary action: Unsatisfactory performance, Improper behaviour, Misconduct. Forms of disciplinary, depending on the severity and frequency: Verbal warnings, One or more written warnings, Dismissal. The employee may be dismissed if: They've already had a final warning and recommit. The act is serious or gross misconduct The of
  4. Ok obtained policies, The policy basically says, drivers must drive safely and correct, abiding by the law..... Breaches may be subject to disciplinary action. The rest of the policy is aimed at non- relevant matters, such as having regular supervisions about driving, which obviously never occur. Probably have one normal supervison a year, that's it, never about driving though. Literally, half of the stuff on here, is never done by management. Which tbh, demonstrates their failings aswell, I know I'm the guilty party, legally if I've broken
  5. Yea as there was an incident on the motorway, however this was just somthing which was human error, with me not spotting a car properly when switching lanes. Nobody was hurt, they alluded to this in the meeting. They have said that, however they didn't detail that within the letter. Just the above, I guess I won't know for sure until the disciplinary letter arrives.
  6. Ok, once they have written to me with an outcome, I'll sort further advice on here.
  7. Really not helping the situation, I understand that speeding is breaking the law. I understand that I've done wrong and need to improve. What I'm really after, is advice to help defend myself, to possibly keep my job or reduce the impact on my reputation, not an ass whooping every other post? I'm not a delinquent, I'm just stating the facts and all you are saying to me is I'm daft and should say sorry. Of course I'm going to say sorry and acknowledge my mistakes when the facts are presented. Why have the company left it so long to highlight my driving, why now? I
  8. Yea although, I can't force them to supply me with one... they don't keep them available to staff. I remember having the policy, about two years ago and it didn't mention anything on your driving ability. Tbh they just give out policies when it suites them. Surely they have to demonstrate equality of treatment, half the workforce would be sacked if that was the case? How would they justify allowing others to have had two speeding tickets, that demonstrates they are likely to have been speeding on multiple occasions, however having not punished them or taken action?
  9. Emmzzi, I understand your position on my attitude, sometimes the culture of a company, also influences how you act within it. So you believe this is gross misconduct and there's no way out? Your stating it may be wise to suggest me taking a safe driving course. I have another meeting coming up, after they discover if there is a case to answer which there obviously is, they haven't suspended me, for what that is worth, but it's possible they will sack me, they probably will tbh. As I point out, I'm generally a good employee, this is on my one aspe
  10. I asked for a copy of the policy, but they declined to supply one and stated they would send it through the post. Yea I hear you, I do see the error of my ways, although it's never been a concern before. Plenty of people have speeding tickets in the company and they couldn't give a hoot... I guess maybe the company pushing me to arrive at destinations faster has impacted my driving but lately, its probably my own fault tbh. I was concerned about what to say in the investigation meeting and unsure of how much information to give tbh. As they didn't present a
  11. I've recently had an investigation meeting at work regarding my driving. They are stating that, I've been speeding and braking harshly in the company vehicle. Which is true, at times I have broken the speed limit, probably through lack of concentration at times others to reduce journey time. The vehicles are all tracked. I have atleast 4 years employment with this company and no other previous concerns for conduct. My driving similarly has always remained the same, as bad as that sounds. I wouldn't say I'm a dangerous driver, but sometimes I might accelerate
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