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  1. ok DX I'll stick to pdf's. Posting those pix's were something of an afterthought. I certainly like Dave's letter. I think I'll go with that. I'll give it a bit of a tweak and send it to them in an e mail. That way they can't BS me and say it never reached 'em. Yeah, good t' go! I'll update when I have more .... Have a great weekend!
  2. Well that's an interesting question if I outted myself or not. I did send an appeal to NCP in reply to the original letter although I was late with that and after their shut off date or what ever they called it. I'd just had a hand operation. However I did not say I was the driver but perhaps by even replying to NCP I make myself the driver by default. Is that right? after the time or not I did fire off and appeal and have the receipt for that. See attached. Some time late I got a letter from Trace then it seems I was bounced over to BW. I never herd back from
  3. Hi yep, thats the one! So I need to act on it then? In that case is a snotty reply the way to go?
  4. Hi DX, thanks for a quich reply. Sure I get that CAG is a selfhelp site. But my question is if this is a genuine thing that's taking me to court or if it's another level of toothless scaremongering . That was my question. It's all well and good sending snotty insulting letters if BW are just scaremongering but it's a whole different thing if there's validity to this letter of claim on which I need to act upon. Thanks
  5. sorry DX I don't follow. There is no MLOC application against me. You didnt really answer me question either. Seems I'm chasing my tail here. Thanks !
  6. so are you saying that they are not intending to proceed with court? It seems to me they are about to do just that as errand boys for NCP?? How much clout do BW have? If I need to reply to them then they can't be as toofless as I first thought. cheers
  7. Hi folks, it's been a while but I'm back as I thought I would be. I didn't know where to post this as my original thread is now closed so sorry if I'm in the wrong place BW Legal are at it again and after me. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/profile/393677-ncp-hater/content/ Here's the latest episode. This looks a bit more official. do I need to appeal to "them!!!!" ???? Judge and jury ggrrr !! Many thanks !!!
  8. Thanks, I've also found this..... (removed - dx) Clearly any challenge needs to be addressed to NCP .... take a look ! As they have ignored me this far. Even though I have tried once to communicate with them maybe this is a reasonable next step?? (removed - dx)
  9. Hi all, thanks for the advice! I'll get onto DVLA tomorrow. Would getting in touch with POPLA do any good? Can I ask for feedback re. the link below. I'm thinking of sending this to Trace. Below is a the link. Below that is the docx. Any comments on this? Thanks !! (removed - dx)
  10. Sorry DX. I'm not getting it. Where is there a resolution in all this please?
  11. Thanks! Is there no way I can get there people stop harassing me and get this thing beat? There is no solution offered here. Much good advice but how do I get these people to go away? I will make an information request but its going to take 4 weeks and still no definite solution. Just more info. Thanks !!! on chat with DVLA You (10/02/2020, 14:40:00): I'm in a tangle with the odious NCP. I believe I can ask for data they requested for my old car. Is this possible. I'm fighting these horrid people tooth n nail. Nia (10
  12. Hiya, sorry for the delay. I had to borrow a scanner. All done now though. Grateful for your thoughts. Thanks !!!! docs1.pdf
  13. Hi and thanks for your reply. Sorry for posting in the wrong place and thanks for putting me right. I'm new here so this is all very new to me. So to answer your q's. No I've not moved The car was registered to me at my current address but is now scrapped. This is like legalised theft - unbelievable this is possible in today's regulated world - rant over
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