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  1. As I was working myself to death trolling the net past few days I came across this https://www.cabotcm.com/en/news/cabot-credit-management-plc-completes-acquisition-of-wescot-as-it-secures-a-major-outsourcing-contract/ Btw I managed to locate few of my other saved credit files looks like Cabot have done traces till at least 07 /2015, and my last default 12 /2010 Is there anyway I can find out if anybody has initiated claims against me by contacting a court.. I know I know I do need as telling off but I remember those days well I c
  2. Why does the SB letter say without prejudice ? Excuse my ignorance, but I have thought that means can't be used latter as evidence in a court ? Only because Google said so didn't think too much of it till now. Just found out wescot is also owned by cabot
  3. Thanks dx I do need a telling off ... Guess I'll just have to wait it out
  4. Thanks again dx100uk, Only worried as if they issue claim I wouldn't been know till they show up at my door this is my partner's place it's her property don't won't them coming out of the blue.thats all . About Barclays I thought the woman on the phone said the catalogue was owned by the group. But the cc' s were owned by Lowell's and when it was showing on the CRA back then was showing as Lowell's and Barclays too had entries but was showing as settled for the same accounts possibly because they sold them?
  5. Barclays dca Lowell I only added i do not admit liability , but Andy said to include a note at the end of the letter to state update all their files with my current address , but spell checker has changed to "update your records as to the above only" at the bottom of the letter , my current address at the top is correct as they sent this letter to this address ,but Andy said they are known to send letters to previous addresses afterwards, ie: court papers as i didn't inform them when i moved away all those years ago
  6. dx100uk thanks again or the reply Barclays was a different DCA as on the CRA file from 2014 dropped off the cra files in early 2017 if i m correct
  7. Many thanks for your reply , shall I send the SB letter again(only sent it yesterday) shall i send the same again to ruthbridge by adding that text to the bottom of the letter? if so should it be in the main body of the letter or as a post script after the digitally printed name ? i was thinking of something like this, please send all communication to my address as above on this letter please update all your files with my current address.update all your files with my current address, should add i do not admit liability for this debt too? and re- send the SB letter
  8. I Fear I have made a mistake with the SB letter i posted , i edited the letter as to what you said to add but opened up the file now to see its different auto correct / spell check i suspect has changed it instead of " update all the files with my current address" what is there is completely different must be something that i had saved in to the checker it says only update your records as to the above only , shall i print out another letter and post again ? or is sending 2 letters no good?
  9. i hope they dont pay that money back to the purchasers of the debt as they haven't contacted me again
  10. Thanks again dx100uk, I guess you may be correct but why would they run searches in November last year and again this year after I specifically told them I wasn't interested in pursuing this , and they told me it will be closed at the terminating of the call and I would receive any more communication . Besides I thought this PPI claiming deadline has passed now it was on TV a lot last year. The reason being I have had cc from them .
  11. Yes the letter was from Barclays early last year before the PPI deadline ,but no letter for the 2 latest searches, and I have referred back to that saved copy of the credit file from 2014 and I have had a Barclaycard with those initials and the search btw is from Barclays apparently
  12. Wrong Mr listless ..I like that . . Anyway no one could have died without me knowing only my mum's relatives live here all my dad's side are dead and long gone... However now that did spring a bulb on my mind .... earlier last year I did get a letter about PPI from Barclays, I called them to say they were mistaken I didn't have PPI , to find out that it was for a catalogue account in the group apparently I had PPI on that as it was barely used , I said I wasnt interested the woman was adamant and saying I do not have to give any details only the referen
  13. Hmm very odd I wouldn't have anything of that sort with Barclays, how ever I did have credit cards with Them long ago though another SB case perhaps though I don't know how that would tie in
  14. Finally posted the letters got proof of posting. I'll update accordingly. In the meantime As before w I'm still thinking of beneficiary trace enquiry would love to know what this means on another note when checking my credit files there are multiple searches Barclays starting in early 2019 and then in November 2019 and January 2020 they are titled " beneficiary trace enquirers" what could these be another disaster in the making? i hope not no other searches not even by cabot except for a one in 2014.
  15. I will do the addition as mentioned cabot sent the letter saying they are passing it on to Ruthbridge for collection and included a letter in the same envolope form Ruthbridge saying i should contact them now as cabot is now their client ill send the letter to Ruthbridge with the addition you mentioned. thanks again
  16. Thank you Andy and dx f (apologies dx saw dont hit quote too late)or your responses, am i to assume from above if they served , it was deemed served correctly but the clock didn't stop because the process wasn't completed? . i have also checked trust online and no records against any of my previous addresses didn't check my current address , should. i ? ( sorry im a natural born worrier ). on another note when checking my credit files there are multiple searches Barclays starting in early 2019 and then in November 2019 and January 2020 they are titled " benef
  17. below is what the post says I qoute from that case " I wrote a statute barred letter to Cabot Financial (a debt purchase company) regarding a non-secured loan debt more than 6 years old. They replied saying that as legal proceedings were initiated, even though a CCJ was not obtained, that the debt is no longer subject to the Limitations Act 1980 and so is not statute barred. Court documents were apparently sent out by them to obtain a CCJ but were sent back as I don't live there. The last couple of letters were forwarded to me by my parents' tenants. They said a
  18. It was in another forum when I did s bkenket search in Google for these 2 DCA' s I didn't post a link as I thought it not appropriate can Pm the link
  19. Thanks ,for your reply, but in the other case , they have mentioned that Cabot said they started proceedings raised a claim, but it was stayed because the documents were returned to sender as " does not live here" in that case Cabot have said because they submitted action before limitations exceeded , the limitations act is not relevant and SB clock would stop, I too moved with out letting any one know , and I have got letters to that address which had been returned by the tenants, don't know what though. I apologise if ok wasn't clear earlier. dx
  20. Many thanks for the information., I will do as advised . Thanks again.
  21. Thanks i will send the letter tomorrow by recorded delivery do i send the recorded delivery to the address on the letter do i address to any one in particular? Ruthbridge Ltd Ashley House 86 - 94 High Street Hounslow TW3 1NH still would love to know the legality of the limitations act not applying if they issued a claim form to an old address abut stayed it because the letters were returned as not living there. thanks again
  22. Thank you for your replies I printed out the letter , but then came across a post which said after sending the SB letter , cabot came back with a letter stating the limitations act does not apply because they sent a claim form within the time frame to that OP's former address , since they started the court process and "stayed" it because the forms were returned to them as does not stay here the limitations act doesn't apply is this actually true? does the limitations act not apply if they started the court process but stayed it because the debtor wasn't living there?.
  23. Dear Andyorch, Many Thanks for your quick reply, i have been reading through forums and worrying my self sick apparently because a of a new court ruling in 2019 has changed the SB rules? .. also CAB websites sending the statute barred letter may seem like im agreeing to the debt and may re-set the clock, below ifs from their web site "Writing to them could make it look like you’re agreeing you owe the money. This might reset the time limit - this means it will be another 6 years before the debt is statute barred." another site says "if you write
  24. Hi, Apologies if this is not the correct place to post this , I have just received a letter through the post after many years at my new address from cabot (original lender Capital one) saying they have been unable to come to an agreement with me ( first im hearing this for a long time) and they have passed it on to ruthbridge limited and have included a letter from them asking me to call them the "outstanding amount is for £2301.79" they want me to telephone them to avoid any further action. it goes on to say that this debt will remain outstanding if ignores and we ur
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