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  1. Thanks dx, that makes it clearer ,you learn something everyday , i didnt know about the OC & SBthing , thanks.
  2. Thanks dx, when you say " on their books its never statue barred " by law its statue barred correct? its been 11 years since the default and never been acknowledged afterwards , i should have couple more old saved credit reports from 2013/2014 ill have a look n see if its comes up with another purchaser ,not that it matters, but will get my mind off it a but
  3. Thanks , what I can't understand is why they would go to such elaborate scheme to try collect statue barred debts ( if that is what they are trying to do , certainly on my one I'd does seem so ,as the account number is wrong , unless some one stole my identity and opened an account in a different address and defaulted it. Am I correct in thinking this wouldn't appear on my credit files unless it goes on public records? My credit score has been pretty good for a while now even though I shouldn't be approved for credit as I still hardly have an income to speak of unless som
  4. Just as update to Stigman, the letter I received does not mention collections and recoveries at all . the account number is definitely wrong . like @Stigman i did not give them the current address either in fact the old credit file even has a GONE AWAY marker too, mine has been SB'd for over 5 years now , so im in the same boat. having looked at that old CRA file it says satisfied with a default balance , so they must have sold it on perhaps in 2013 as it wasn't updated since ,but no other records on file to who may have purchased it . MSE has
  5. Thanks for the replies ,yes went to the link stated on the letter definitly asking for a lot of document copies and other data.., just google the number on the letter and came up with this,one mentions they had geniuine acc numbers but not so in mine completley wrong, even in part . https://scam-numbers.co.uk/Number/03455873533/
  6. thanks dx like your thinking , but its so bizarreand out of the blue it too good to be true even if its £25 and add to it they ask me to bank it in 3 differnt places too eager , cant find anything on a websearch either so thought id like to know more details too many sharks about , 2nd time i declined a handout this year
  7. Hi Again every one, here im again asking for advice, im not sure where to post this thread so i created this under the bank name, did search CAG & google didnt come across this exact situation. I Received a letter fom HSBC today first one ever so suprised what it was about it goes a below, apologies for the spelling mistakes in advance. Dear MR *****, our Reference **** "quite long" Relavant acount number(s)***** we recognise that you may no longer me a customer with us , however we are writing to you because we've undertaken a reviewof the above
  8. Thanks dx , I did make a small donation earlier will do my utmost to contribute when I can I won't forget
  9. Hi Every one , thanks for your help in this matter I Have an Update have just received a letter from Cabot ( my post code is wrong in this letter) she even gives her name dated 07/03 the letter says that she hopes to help me by providing a resolution to this matter. her understanding of the dispute - you state this account is statute barred ( i never acknowledged it anyway) she in investigation as below gives a account opening date in 2008 ( probably wrong) gives a time it was active for a date a default was applied says cabot purchased
  10. That was me yes my name is very complicated and very long thought it was my duty however small it was maybe someday I can make a bigger donation.
  11. I have made a small donation it will come from a different email address ( PayPal) apologies it's not big I will again when I can we this site is really priceless for people like me , and the work you do is amazing
  12. Hi, Letter received from Ruth bridge today, Further to the receipt of your correspondence regarding the issues raised they have now liaised with their client who have requested the account be returned to them to deal with the matters that you have raised. It goes on to say that the account has been Closed on Ruth bridges system and i won't receive any communication from them . Apparently Cabot Europe advised them that they will be in contact with me shortly to "deal" regarding the matters I have raised, funny thing I sent the copy of t
  13. Thanks Andyorch ,and every one else, just to clarify things my earlier question as Andy says was hypothetical as I came across these two outfits had done it to that OP for SB Debt(earlier copied and pasted what that person had written),also they had conjured up a fake payment record. On my case I know I hadn't made any payments after mid 2009 , a default was registered on my Cra files late 2009 this fell off in 2015, I know for certain that I did not make any payments or make a written acknowlgement after 2009 that is certain I did not have money o
  14. Thanks London 1971,dx has told me countless times, but I read a couple of other threads where they have, but yes it has hit home now , I will update again when there is an update again all your advice is massively appreciated,
  15. Understood, I'm as frustrated with my self as you , I will update this thread when I get an update and stick to it apologies.
  16. Thanks dx so I completely ignore this letter? Do I refrain from correcting my mistake of not signing my full name with the initial on the SB letter I sent ? Thanks apologies for being a right pain
  17. I received a letter today they have completely ignored the SB letter they signed for on the 2nd of march and say we have had no response contact with you regarding the unpaid defaulted account above( the default fell off in late 2015). It goes on to offer me a 70% discount subject to criteria if I pay by 15/03/20. Says if I don't pay or make another proposal or why I'm unable to pay (which I have by sending the SB letter) their client will look at alternative action. Final paragraph says if I make partial payment that they will update credit reference agencie
  18. I honestly had no intention of running away from debt I continued to pay them for 2years + after a life threatening illness till my savings ran out , with my income getting more limited after the illness till I came down with it again against all odds and doctors expectations, I had no option but to bury my head at this point till my relatives got to know I was in a shelter they took me abroad To try treatment , I should have let them all know creditors know but I didn't even think about it then . All 3 credit ref agencies have my new address as I updated voter reg after coming ba
  19. Thanks dx , I know you told me it doesn't matter my mind keeps going back to that sentence missed about telling them specifically update their records to my address well I technically did tell them to update as above so one could argue I did. I also managed to find some statements from capone last payment seems to be from may 2009 statement from June I know I didnt acknowledge or make any payments to any one afterwards, so I'll have to wait and see. Also it's the electoral roll I guess that alerted them now to think of it so I gue
  20. Thanks dx, just my nature I guess ,I just don't know what they might be up to
  21. Almost a week after they got my letter ,I heard nothing from them, either way in getting nervous.
  22. Just a simple update the letter has been delivered and signed for on Monday.
  23. Thanks dx no nothing in the public records section on my Credit files for the past 6 years, i have a few saved from 2013/2014 nothing there either after i have checked with registry trust on my 2 previous addresses its come back as no records, but only noticed this time around on my old credit files some accounts seems to have mis spelt /re-arraigned my names ( i:e if my name is john x z y listless on some its john z listless another its x listless or xy listless (same DOB) these all seem to be purchased debts not something i thought or even noticed before
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