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  1. Fkofilee thankyou for the email address I'll send an email first thing in the morning. The store I bought it from was Aylesbury Buckinghamshire pc world retail park. BankfofderThey offered me 100 via email day before yesterday. I haven't said yes an dont plan to. I made it clear today that that's not acceptable at all. That's why I put my case on hear.
  2. Bank fodder to be honest I dont want to to go to court. The stress that will cause will be to much for me. An wouldn't be fair on my daughter. I dont want to imagine the fits it could cause either. I've got photos of everything including my pups paw bandaged up. Both my foot an my daughters foot where the glass is still there. Its not viable but it can be felt. Same as it can in my finger. My puppy is going to the vets on friday for her jabs an her paw will also be looked at. This will be at an extra cost though. Currys are a very difficult company to de
  3. I brought a cooker from currys pc world on the 10th of January. Was delivered on the 22nd of January. With what I thought was a scratch on the oven door. The 28 of January at 8.15 in the Morning the oven door shattered to bits. I wasn't cooking at the time. I was actually making my daughters pack lunch an taking to my daughter. With our backs facing the cooker. I got glass in my hand an foot that day my puppy also got glass in one paw. Over the next few days I got another bit if glass in my foot that I haven't got out yet. My daughter got glass in her foot recently aswell. Witch l
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