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  1. Thanks again BankFodder - I will hopefully be able to repay you in some manner the valuable service you provide here
  2. Sure - Intending to post the sequence of events, as summarily as possible shortly.. But to your question - Yes they offered 500, Yes i accepted - The insisted i sign a non disclosure form - which i did after amending it to ensure it was non valid if they failed to deposit funds. They failed to deposit funds citing the details were incorrect - which they werent.
  3. Thanks BankFodder - appreciate the feedback I have emails (many) with Mikael Shamir which can demonstrate that i did not provide incorrect bank details (they were, for whatever reason best know to themselves, wasting my time)
  4. I'm afraid i couldn't find it as you described - I googled it however and found what i believe is the correct address from another part of this site "[email protected] etc" Hopefully you will receive it shortly Happy to take your advice on what is appropriate to post and what may not be so.
  5. I am struggling to find the email address you reference BankFodder - Could you please send me a link to where i might find the one you'd like the information sent on Thanks and regards
  6. Thanks again Bank Fodder, I will send you the current Claim as it stands via email today for your reference and will add relevant details to this tread as i proceed.
  7. Dear Bank Fodder, Thanks for your reply - I appreciated your previous posts related to this firm. Thank you for the information relating to the High court, i will bear that in mind also I will post everything related to the case in due course once i have it well organised as well as detailed instructions to others on how to take action on this firm in anyway i can.
  8. Hi, Creating this thread to detail my own experience with this dealership and field and find other users with similar stories - I know a few existing threads on this company that exist here already. I am actively pursuing a court judgement on CCG (Chobham Central Garage) for knowingly selling me a car for £3,000 with a broken heater matrix (£1000 to replace -parts and labour) and for knowingly misleading me on its repair. The car was sold to me last year (2019) in September/October time frame - I lodged my case with the small claims online service in Novembe
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