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  1. The name and address do look odd. My name is in lowercase and email address, but address is all in uppercase. No IP address anywhere. Thanks
  2. I've uploaded all docs now. Not sure if the quality is sufficient. Thanks Apologies uploaded now. Scan-compressed.pdf
  3. Hi I've sent both PAP and CCA request. Overdales solicitors have sent me what looks like the original agreement and transactions. What do I need to do now? Thanks
  4. Well I have now received 'Letter of Claim' and have 30 days to respond. I have read and downloaded the PAP form on here. Please can I have some help with the why 'I dispute this debt because..recommended reason as advised from your thread' Thanks again
  5. Thanks DX really appreciate the help - Can you help me with this please - I dispute this debt because..recommended reason as advised from your thread and add the debt purchaser has yet to provide any or all of the required documentation. thanks
  6. How do proceed ? Do I need to contact them and ask for any information or just wait till they start court proceedings which I really don't want. Sorry not really understanding all the technical stuff.
  7. I haven't moved still at the same address so this will be your old debt from very catalogue thats now been sold to lowells. (Yes) whats the defaulted date ? ( Dec 2020) when did you last pay very anything? ( About Nov 2020) is the a letter of claim with a reply pack mentioning the pre action protocol? ( Sorry I didn't get anything else just the letter and another one with it from Lowells stating the same debt is owed ) Thanks really appreciate the help. If I ignore it will they send me to court?
  8. Hi Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I am looking for advice. I tried to do this before but have been struggling with everything. I have received a letter from overdates solicitors stating they have now been instructed by Lowell Portfolio to recover an outstanding amount which was owing on a catalogue previously. I have to pay them or they will issue court proceedings. I am not in a position to pay them what can I do? Thank you
  9. Yes still by the original creditors. Thanks I'll read it again.
  10. i'm really confused now sorry? I thought this was what i'm supposed to do? 'In the meantime send the following to each creditor..follow the instructions within the template. Start a file for each creditor with a copy of the letter and any responses and retain all letters in connection to defaults.'
  11. I think it's the letter I need to send to all the creditors asking them to put a hold on everything while I do income expenditure form?
  12. Hi I am searching for the template that I should send to the creditors but can't find it? Could you please point me in the right direction? thank you again
  13. thanks i'll have a search. Google only has the PO BOX Addresses
  14. Thanks for the advice and help. I am not sure about the agreement periods. Most of the credit cards are over 5 years old. The loan is 1 year old. They have written to me giving me 60 days grace so I can make them an offer. Unfortunately I am so stuck right now I can't offer them much. Very is also about 5 years old they said they would put a hold on the payments but haven't and have added almost £2000 since November as the balance was about £4000 owed. I wrote to them but have had no response.I'm not sure if I have the correct address if anyone has it I would be grateful. American express have not bothered to respond again maybe the address is incorrect as it is just a PO Box. They have sent me warning letters about payment and sending the debt to a debt collection agency. It's insane because i've never once missed any payments. I wrote to Vanquis and Capital One but they have not responded. I don't know again if the addresses are correct. How do I find the correct addresses to send the letters to? I am beyond stressed as I want to pay back what I borrowed, my current circumstances don't allow it and I just need some help. Thank you for your help Jsa
  15. Hello? I was wondering what I could do? Anyone out there help? I am receiving letters and phone calls and would really like some advise. Thank you Jsa
  16. Hi I'm in a very difficult spot. I have always paid every single credit card and loan on time whether its minimum payment or sometimes a little extra. However I am not in a position due to some personal circumstances to pay any of them back right now. I did send them letters asking them to put a hold and give me some time but no one responded. I feel very ashamed about not being able to pay these back and disclosing the amounts makes me even more distressed. Sorry for the drama. I work for myself and my job is currently not able to pay me anything more than £150 a week. As i'm building the business up. I have my family to support and get tax credits. The debts are to: Virgin media credit card Capital One Vanquis American Express M&S Bank Loan Very Catalogue I haven't paid anyone since November last year as that was when everything changed. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Thank you kindly. I have done that now.
  17. Hi I just joined your group. I am not sure what to do or where to go. I have ready so many conflicting and totally opposite opinions. Hence more confused than ever. I have massive debt of 30k or so. They have always been paid on time but only minimum payment. Credit cards, catalogue and 1 loan. Unfortunately I am currently not in a position to pay any of them right now. I tried to write to them asking for a delay and freeze but no one has responded. Please can someone help? Thank you Jsa
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