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  1. Does it make any difference that the loan was taken out before the fca brought about rules regarding irresponsible lending / affordability checks?
  2. Thanks. So you think I should go back to NRAM? even though they sold the debt to Cabot. Do you have a template for an IRL letter?
  3. I received the SAR back today, please find attached. sar_return.pdf
  4. Thanks, I will get that in the post and let you know what I get back.
  5. My other concern is that one of the ways I have rebuilt my credit the last couple years is with a Halifax credit card. Could sending them a SARs affect that?
  6. Could Halifax take it to court and get a CCJ? How will getting a SAR help?
  7. It's just that I have rebuilt my credit rating and don't want to drop back to zero again.
  8. I haven't been able to find the original paperwork for it, but I think I would have open the account around 2006-2008 and probably defaulted around 2009-2010.
  9. The current balance is £2581.30. Not sure exactly what the original amount was when I defaulted. When ever they write they do refer to Halifax as being their client.
  10. I defaulted on a £2500 overdraft from Halifax about 10 years ago and since have been paying Moorcroft a token payment. I understand that overdrafts are different to other debts and that I can't ask for a copy of the CCA. Is there another way of dealing with this debt? Or am I stuck trying to pay it off slowly?
  11. So even though NRAM sold this loan they should still have the original info? Should I send a SARs to Cabot as well?
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