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  1. ** Update ** I have phoned and spoken to a lovely lady at Currys PC World who has opened a case said I would need to pay a £100 call out fee, however as my Ex Partner purchased the oven I need to get them to email in and transfer the ownership to myself before they can action any kind of work So yup still stuck
  2. I didn't pay my ex paid for it in my name
  3. Short story bought a Logik Induction oven from Currys in March 2018 obviously it will be out of its 1yr manufacturerwarranty. Purchase price was £399.00 so not a cheap throw away The heating element seems to have blown and tripped out the electrical circuit, Top oven still works but bottom(main) oven will not heat. Given that it wont be in its 12months am I looking at a bill or would it be classed as not fit for purpose under the sale of goods and services act?
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