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  1. Thank you all for your advice, went back in there an hour ago and a new day, a new manager authorised a replacement but I have to wait now as none in stock
  2. I have and it’s in for repair again and they said if they can’t fix it it will have to go to Apple. It went in in fine health it was a precaution I wanted it reset which is where the problems have arisen and the mackintosh hd has locked and now there seems to be other issues even though he managed to unlock this. The manager said no it’s a software problem. I have spoken to head office and they say I am entitled to a new one under the consumer act but the store says no. Just to add I am a polite customer, never rude etc so it’s not like I have rubbed them up the wrong way.
  3. On 26th jan I purchased a MacBook Pro from pcworld. Set it up but never used as took hours and hours. 27th I try to install the security software which send you to a phishing site and as a precaution I took it to the tech desk to get it set back to factory setting as I had not used it. 29th jan I am told it’s done, I try to reinstall it and error messages keep coming up. I call tech desk (country wide one) and he aid take it back as it is new and get it replaced. I take it back and the tech man in the shop said he can fix it while I am there. After an hour he says he can’t atm and asks the manager if I can have it replaced. The manager said no it’s a software problem. The machine was fine when I took it in on the 27th, it was a precaution just to put it back to factory settings. The tech man then says if he cannot fix it by 31sr it will need to go to Apple. This was £1400, I have not used it except for start up setting up, is this legally right? It was fine when I took it in, not even been used and I have no laptop? They also sold me security software they know has issues with [problematic] as the tech man on the phone told me they have had 100’s of call regarding this.
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