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  1. Well I’m glad that is over. I’ll ignore the texts! More seem to be streaming in now however! but thanks for your help I really do appreciate it
  2. Hi all. So I sent that letter Friday Feb 7th it was signed for and was delivered to their address to this date I have had no letter in response and 14 days are now past. I am still however getting text messages from CRS, which are being ignored. Should I now send a letter stating they have not responded? thanks, mess
  3. address post code Dear Harlands, I refer to my membership at [town/city] gym. The DD mandate was cancelled in July 2019 after I told the gym staff I was working away from home and will no longer be using the gym. I owe for the last gym fee which was not paid for the notice period. Please confirm your bank payment details and a reference number so I can pay you the £12.79 to end this matter. I will not pay any admin fees added by Harlands. I will only deal with this matter in writing, not by phone. My offer is valid fo
  4. Okay no problem slick. When I am back home this weekend I shall do exactly that. thanks dx I just want it sorted, sick of the hassle and unnecessarily stressing about it! speak soon and thanks again!
  5. Hi slick132, thank you for your quick reply! so are you saying I should write to them first although they haven’t sent anything to me as of yet? or are you saying I should ignore them until they send me a letter/email first? Because to this date I do not know how much they claim I owe them.
  6. Hi, im wondering if anybody can help me June 2018 I took out a membership with xercise4less (I can’t recall if it were a flexible membership or a contracted membership) I signed up online confirmed details etc when I went into the gym with a lady at the desk. i changed jobs feb 19 which required me working away from home so I no longer needed the gym membership. However time went by I did not cancel my DD until July 2019 when another payment of £12.79 was taken, 13 months after I started my membership with them. I cancelled because I believ
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