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  1. Thanks guys will look through the info you found
  2. Sorry about the delay been ill I was sent this link from them to check out https://northstate.io/
  3. Would the same apply to ones that trade in stocks because there is also those version guessing so
  4. Yeah that was my rake but there is tons of them online and it’s not like my friend to give me something that would cheat me I am only looking at it as I am looking for other work from home jobs I already do betterware well try to this last year and use a paid survey site but was looking for something else that pays ok
  5. So a friend pointed me towards a site which rates these apps they are ai bits that trade in stocks or bit currency for you looking at the info online most have you deposit £200 plus to trade with before anything can happen and it explains most new users will lose money to start with which set my alarm bells off and I came here for help So my question is has anyone used these apps or know if they are a con
  6. Yeah that is what I think not going to look a gift horse in the mouth plus got other issues right now with the virus and my job
  7. Hi just a quick update on this I was told to send a letter in with the details just before we all got locked down and with my job being going to people's homes I am stuck but anyway had a while to send the letter because of the virus then today I hot a new letter and I quote our check on your tax credit awards fir the year ending 5th April 2020 we wrote to you about your current tax credits award we will no longer be continuing with the check then it just tells me how to inform them of future changes to my job thAat would effect my tax credits
  8. my SAR came today had a quick look at it after work only thing so far that jumps out is they have me employed from 09 to 2013 with a company I have never heard anything about going to go through it in more detail after some sleep
  9. Yeah I was just shocked built myself up and then the phone call as soon as I said no I had not got the paper (for obvious reasons) she shut down the conversation and said I will post you another letter so you can do the answering online I put the phone down and just stared at it for about a 5 mins after lol
  10. Ok that went funny I picked up the phone woman told me who they were then asked if I had the paperwork they asked for on the back of letter I said no but can still answer but she said ok we will send you a letter out and you can do it online on my tax account and would not let me give the info without the paperwork Then she asked security questions name age address then said goodbye and put phone down so now I am waiting on a new letter to give the info online I mean I am lost here
  11. Well today is the day I get the phone call and have to come clean all my nerves have come back after today they do an investigation how long would that normally take
  12. Thanks just read the Cop26 one thing I wondered at is it says that if you have to repay and you only get the minimum tax credit with no reduction because of earnings they can only take 10% to repay it I was thinking they would stop all £200 till its paid in full so I guess they only do that for the investigation then give it you back minus what they choose as a repayment could you offer more in repayment as I have very little outgoings now apart from what I will have to pay to the other debts and phone bill which is my responsibility to pay as I am the only one using the internet
  13. Thanks sorry to be so much of a bother with this can you get bank statements going back 5 years did not know that was possible my tax credits go into my mums bank account because my bank Is one of my other debt issues the only income they'd will show is little bits I earned from websites other money I got the last 5 years was me selling just about everything I own to pay one debt or another be them mine or mums
  14. So I did get a good might sleep with a more clear mind I came up with 2 more questions 1 was reading this link The part that worried me is the advice because of the time of the issue 5 years same as mine prosecution is fairly likely 2 will they want to know what I did with the money should I go back over 5 years and try and work out everything I spent over the period
  15. Wow iPad auto correct went crazy there it was meant to say my local HMRC office
  16. Found this link https://www.gov.uk/guidance/hmrc-subject-access-request says I need to contact the data protection officer at the Hercules office I have been dealing with
  17. Going to send the request now i did get a little worried how they would take me requesting this if it could make them look harder and work out there's an issue anyway guess there is nothing else to cover till the SAR comeswant to thank you guys as I said other sites just worked m brain over and added massively to my fear you guys have been a great help so far so agin thank for your help to this point I will keep you updated
  18. Just a quick update I have just chanced the day they ring to the start of march they seemed a little put out it was a month later but they moved it so have time get situated and at least a few weeks of being back at work before it
  19. I gave not had the guts to ring and ask yet as I said I had worked myself up in to such a mess to the point I gave not slept for 3 days stupid I know but my brain is a mess i was thinking I could just say some of the info I need is on my pic but it broke and needs to go into the shop to be fixed and they will pick it up next week and it could be another week before I get it back just scared as I said
  20. Thanks as I said the interview comes across as a regular check so not sure they know anything other than maybe certain things don't make senses I figured if they knew I would be under investigation already I could have lied hoped it would work out then end the claim but as it says they can ask for wage slips from the dates they talked about I don't have them so i figured best option is when we talk on the phone I should just come clean an admit what I did from 2015 till 2020 that the only cash I was earning was the tax credits another reason for delaying the call for a month was so that I could get advice from the citizens advice and maybe they could get me solicitors for when I am interviewed Also all my bank statements would show would be the tax credits going in each month real reason I am so worried about prison is I cannot argue my situation was a mistake after the first few months I don't have any defence for doing what I did other than not wanting to dig on to job seekers and I don't think that will cut so figured I would be judged in the worse of worse category
  21. https://www.grayandcosolicitors.co.uk/what-happens-when-youre-convicted-of-benefit-fraud-in-the-uk/ this has not helped also where they are talking about tens of thousands of pounds of fines and near 15 year jail sentence At the moment I am thinking of delaying the call till later in February for the simple reason now I am back at work and in compliance with my tax credits I figured having at least a months worth of work and commission based wages to prove it will help also a lawyer for another debt of mine advised me to look into going bankrupt this was later last year I have most of the fee saved and if they did take my tax credits till this debt is paid it would leave me unable to pay the other debts I have some that have already got court orders on if they did give me a fine and stop my 200 tax credits till it's paid if I did go bankrupt in say 3 months down the line how would that effect things
  22. Sorry I have not slept for 3 days because of worrying over this let me try and explain better The job centre in 2012 told me that the job I was doing to raise a bit of extra cash betterware if I increased the hours would count as me being sel employed and I could claim tax credits which I got 200 a month all was well till January 2015 when I had put out my order but a while later my mum had used the whole order money my commission and betterware scuttle to pay a bill as I said we are nearly 60k in debt between us me 20 her the rest I made the mistake of thinking I could not report the change to the tax credit people and in 2 months I could pay I think back and no one will be any the wíser but with are debts and not having money to pay them all we just got in deeper and I never got the money to pay the money to betterware here I am now I gave a phone interview coming up with a compliance officer want tons of info on my work including details of money i made in April last year and January this which i don't have i figured they are asking because betterware went bankrupt in early 2019 the company is back now and I am back working for them since mid January I figured I should just be totally honest with them and tell them about it going back to 2015 as I figured they would find out either way By my count my debt to them would be between 12k and 14 so I started looking for advice online I found a ton on mums net but that's scared me one was i as I would be arrested interviewed and then they would work out what I had to do they said they would offer you a fine and stop your tax credits for a time to pay back the debt that is only if they think you can afford to pay the fine which with my other debts would be hard without a payment plan and the other option being jail so I have spent the last 3 days not sleeping barely eating I hope this explains it better
  23. First off not looking for sympathy I know I did wrong and am in the wrong Hi I am so scared I am going to prison I have been asked to do an phone interview about my working tax credits which I have been claiming as a self employed person since 2013 issue is in January 2015 my mum used the takings from the job to pay another debt as between us we have massive debt so the job ended I did not report the change hoping to fix it and get back to normal but that never happened and the other debts just got us in deeper Now the company that I did my self employment with went bust in 2018 it's back now and I am working for it again but they are asking about the work I did in 2018 and last December Figure I have to tell the whole truth by my calculations I would have claimed between 12 and 14k I just want this fixed but am scared to death they will send me to prision as my other debts are still there and if they fine me I would not be able to pay it unless I was able to pay in small instalments and then as I only earn on commission I would be paying one debt but not the others i have never been in trouble like this and have criminal record but cannot get my mind to stop think I am going to sent to prison as I said above
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