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  1. Are you a car owner? Have you considered releasing cash from your car? Most would refer you to Spamming websites but there is an alternative fairer, quicker and easier way. With a vehicle equity release you can borrow up to 70% of your car's trade value. They won't do any credit checks on you, not even ask you to surrender your logbook or any car keys. Yet, it's the safest loan for the borrower as it is protected by a Hire Purchase agreement, completed fully online and even the car inspection is done through a video-call! REPRESENTATIVE APR 147.5%!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this thread was started by Dimsterll - who came onto this website merely to spam people into releasing cash for their old cars. We would urge anyone who is thinking of releasing cash in this way particularly to avoid anybody or any company which has to spam their message around the Internet. This spammer comes from some outfit called – Loan on Your Car – by all means go ahead if you want, but we expect that you will regret it eventually.
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