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  1. Sorry for late update. Today was his last day not recieved payment he s done 2 weeks apparently he had to work a week s notice I’m so lost now. He asked why he hadn’t received his payment even if just a week as week in hand. They said he missed the payroll if payroll in place surely that makes him an employee and has rights ? I haven’t yet informed hmrc or dwp he wanted what was owed and to walk away he was made to sign the contract before they would accept his bank details. The contract states about uniform that he’s recieved but hasn’t and if not returned he ll be charged what do i next ? No longer care about what’s owed. I don’t him operating anymore he’s a bully and gets rich exploiting people
  2. He most certainly won’t be going back And Hrmc are going to be made aware. Thanks for all all your help
  3. Oh the whole contract has me shaking my head this bit made me giggle no smoking is allowed in any customer or company vehicles you will be charged 60.00 for cleaning he gets paid 6.00 per car he valets. Madness
  4. Thank you I knew it was dodgy when I read the contract. I may just ring hmrc and enquire about registering self employed and explain the situation He d be better off not working they take 15% for using the equipment I think I may invoice at 20.00 per hour as nothing is written to say otherwise. Ha. Seriously thank you for your guidance really appreciated
  5. Thank you. Useful link it did say employed for tax purposes I have no idea how much he’s paid yet as just started but he’s required to do a week in hand another red flag there. My son needs this job and it’s perfect for him. He s under assessment for autism don’t think he could deal with having to do his own paperwork
  6. My son started a job Monday valeting cleaning cars etc. Today I was looking at his contract which states he is a subcontractor. After searching the internet I’m concerned that he is actually an employee. He does not state his hours the contract says 9-5 he uses their equipment and wears a uniform they are supplying. Also If he can not go into work for whatever reason he will be charged 25.00 for admin cost to find another contractor there is no hourly rate set out but he’s to invoice them every month in order to be paid not sure how he does that when no agreement of hourly rate has been discussed I’m presuming minimum wage they are also taking a percentage off him for using the valeting equipment so confused about his status any advice appreciated
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