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  1. So. if payment was done through your computer, but because of Malware/Virus- paypal see that transaction is made from same IP and refuses to refund. In my situation- i was browsing internet, while that happened- and there was no sights of any unauthorized activity on my laptop. All hacking actions were on background. So you need to be persistent- i have appealed my case 5 times, have called paypal 4 times, until successfully, at the end, i was transferred to account suspension/limitation team- which did help to get a refund. They did even block my paypal account, telling me that i will be unable to use paypal anymore, but twitter paypal support - unblocked me, after explanation what happened. It did took 2 weeks to get refunded.
  2. After 5th case appeal, they confirmed that transaction was unauthorized and refunded me fully. Malware was the problem, so antivirus and firewall- are vital to have! Also advice to contact them through twitter- they removed my account suspension, after i contacted paypal there.
  3. Woke up in the morning i got that smart solution on paypal: We're initiating the closure of your PayPal account After a thorough review of your PayPal account, we're initiating its closure in order to protect us from potential financial losses. You'll no longer be able to use PayPal account. Than you for your advice. I have installed firewall and Avast Antivirus. You were right- my email was compromised. Antivirus software did found some Malware on my working PC.
  4. Hi. i did mention that amount: On 2 july At 14:44 happened unknown source transaction at My private paypal- PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up- 43.85gb - To Scream Limited. (shopto.net) 43.85 gbp. Yes, i may change an e-mail. Will invest whole day in changing all emails at weekends and putting them in Key storage software. I am more interested how to prove that transaction is not made by me, since paypal refuses to accept my claim.
  5. Greetings. Somehow my Paypal account was accessed without my authorization and both Paypal account- private and business were hacked. Hackers started buying Gift cards from Shopto.net. Fortunately 2 gift card only were purchased. Both Paypal My account are safe now- passwords changed, 2-dn authentication was turned on. Have removed Direct debit from my bank account and did change every debit card i had- for security reasons. On on business Account- it was resolved. On on private Paypal account- Paypal refused to resolve it. So i will be seeking help about that one. Payment was not done through bank card/not through direct debit- since i have turned it off. Not from paypal funds, since i did have 0.00 balance. It is hanging there, until i connect my direct debit again and papal charges me that Amount. I have opened Unauthorized case with paypal twice- with that account. Both of them are refused. Now third one is pending. I was able to act quickly, since was working from my laptop at that time, the only laptop i use for my Paypal. What happened and what i did: On 2 july At 14:44 happened unknown source transaction at My private paypal- PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up- 43.85gb - To Scream Limited. (shopto.net) On 2 july At 14:48 - i did change my paypal password. On 2 july At 14:48- i did opened Unauthorized transaction with paypal account. On 2 july At 14:48- 2nd step Verification to my Paypal account added. On 2 july at 15:52 - i contact Shopto.net through their website chat- i told them that my account was charged, without my permission.- Their response was- Hello, I am so sorry to hear about this! If you believe any transactions to be fraudulent, you will have to contact your payment provider, as we only allow orders to go through when the payments come through as verified payments from the payment provider. Once you contact them and notify them that they have verified a fraudulent order, they should launch an investigation which we can then assist when they make contact with us. On 2 july at 15:55+- approx i have cancelled all my bank cards and free Virtual cards i had. On 2 july at 18:48- Payapl refused my complaint- We've completed our review of your unauthorized activity case, and we’ve determined there was no unauthorized use. On 2 july at 23:27- i have removed my direct debit with bank from paypal for security reasons (and will never put it back). On 3 july at 13:27 - Paypal refused my claim and closed case - We've reviewed the transaction(s) and are denying your claim(s). This decision was made because this transaction was not unauthorized. On 3 july at 13:29 - I did call paypal to dispute that Unauthorized transaction and asked to appeal. They refused- and offered only to change case- to Not to received, i agreed. On 3 july at 14:42 - i did fill action fraud police report about that incident. On 7 july at 14:36 - i did ask Paypal to appeal my Case, refused before , about unauthorized transaction, by changing reason from pending case (Not to received) - to Unauthorized transaction. On 7 july at 14:36 - case was automatically denied. And closed- We've reviewed the transaction(s) and are denying your claim(s). This decision was made because this transaction was not unauthorised. On 7 july at 14:52 - another case was opened. For the same transaction - about Unauthorized activity. What are my next steps ? Where i should complaint next? Should i pay that amount through my bank direct debit- and report that as unouthorised? Should i contact Financial Ombudsman Service ?
  6. Update: First parcel. After refused claim, package was delivered in 36 days since posting. Fortunately, when i chat in Parcel2go customer service, they have refunded shipping cost of first package. So honest buyer, shipped it back, using my prepaid label. Second parcel. Also was found after 20 days and delivered. Both of them supposed to be delivered in 2-3 days. Both of them arrived undamaged, with original postage label attached. My hypothesis- they have a mess in sorting centers. Third one- delivered to wrong doors. I hope to find a solution through Hermes CEO e-mails, because Each courier car has a GPS tracker and it is possible to figure out, to what location was actually delivered package at exact time, when picture were taken. Thanks for assistance
  7. Hi. Thank you for a response. I will make some self-educating these evening. Also need to re-read and re-think about forum thread. Now i need to spent time for packing work in storage. It's unlikely to go to a hearing for this kind of value – but if it is, are you confident enough to represent yourself before a judge? Is your English good enough to handle it? I think yes, it is not a problem, my wife has almost perfect language and she can help. Familiarisation visit will be done also, i think.
  8. Can you tell us more about your trading activities. Is this your only means of income or are you simply supplementing something? We are moved in UK in previous year (august) from other country , and i am selling only at ebay, without working somewhere else. I have started to sell 3 months before. How many parcels do you reckon you are sending out per week? About 40-50 parcels. There are an options to choose from. Of course it was chosen the cheapest ones (on all shipments).
  9. Were all the parcel sent by way of Hermes? How long ago did this happen? Also, I think it would be a very sensible thing to do to start searching eBay to see if your items appear there. I have a feeling that this is not unknown. You should put in an eBay search and then save it so that you are informed automatically any time anyone of those items appears for sale. What were the items? They are camping self-heating meals, or MRE. It is some sort vacuum sealed food for campers, which has a shelf life of 3 years. I think they will be consumed , not sold. Whether parcels all booked in at the same time? I'm not sure how it works. Did you have to go in and basically make three separate contracts? They are three separate contracts. I think that i will get some more lost parcels. Plan to make a claim, after i get all lost confirmed. How to deal with package has delivered, but customer states it has not, telling that doors on porch do not belong to him and not neighbors? Amount of that deal is only 12.5 gbp. I think that customer do not lie, because he has received larger orders before, without a problem. Should i ask him to fill a police report? Reason of report?
  10. Got first parcel claim rejected. I think other ones will be the same.
  11. Sorry about making a post too early. I should read other consumers forum threads before. I am doing it now, because they are a lot of similar ones;
  12. If you are sending three separate parcels to 3 separate "customers" then this tends to make you a trader and not a private seller. What makes you think you are a private seller? I have private ebay account and i am not registered as sole trader. But yes, i sell good at eBay in amount. I plan to register as sole trader in thew future, will it affect my claim process against Parcel2go, if another parcels will be lost, after i register as sole-trader? Anyway, you will only be able to claim for the value of the parcels as long as they were correctly represented. For some reason rather you have deliberately misrepresented the value of one of the parcels and I'm afraid you will only be able to claim for that lower amount. I have got that. I am always write full value now. Have you begun the claims process? These are quite small amounts and I thought that there was a minimum amount which was automatically covered with the basic delivery cost. Is that wrong? I have opened claims at their parcel2go homepage. Waiting a response for first claim for 19 days already. During, placing an order, you can choose which cover will you buy. They have 20 GBP cover for extra 20-40 cents, and 0 GBP cover for cheaper price. I have placed 0 GBp cover. Will it affect future claim? They easily will respond- no cover, no refund. P.S. One more package is found missing. Mostly they are gone after tracking shows (no update since): 12/02/2020 - 18:34 Entered the Hermes network 12/02/2020 - 18:34 Entered the Hermes network 89 12/02/2020 - 11:48 Collected from the ParcelShop
  13. Greetings. I am ebay seller (private) and in February, Hermes (ordered through Parcel2Go) Has lost 2 packages. No update in tracking already for 2+ weeks. I have opened claims at their homepage, but no response till now. First parcel - Content value 48GBP. Not insured, and write only 20 GBP during order. Postage 5GBP. Have videotaped packing and can provide that goods in parcel were for 48gbp. Sold at ebay for 48. Second parcel - content 20GBP, write 20 GBP during order, Postage 3GBP. No insurance. Third parcel - content 12.5GBP. During order 12.5 GBP. Postage 2.5gbp. No insurance. T racking shows delivered - 24 Feb 2020 13:33am Left securely in porch. Photo wit porch added. Customer send his house porch and it is different, also no that type of porch in neighbourhoods. How to provide that courier send fake photo? On photo was right package, porch is different. Buyer should file a police claim? I am videotaping all packing and weighting process. I have also photos of packages. Any chance for me to recover that money? For all of them or for two only? I will go my claims till end, until i get solution, because i know that it will happens again and i need a protocol how to recover money again. Thank you in advance
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