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  1. Yeah they obviously did know they wouldn’t win!! that’s exactly what we were trying to tell them, the car was not parked. But Gladstone’s have their own mind!! Anyhow they lost!! But they don’t learn their lesson, if it’s not me it’s someone else they will try to rob!!
  2. To be honest with you I’m just glad it’s over. I did ask the judge about expenses but she said as it is small claims it’s very less likely that they will agree to it. I’m just happy that in the end it was a victory for us!! They tried their best to get money out of me but in the end the justice was served and they lost. I will look into this GDPR thing, not sure what that is, so will do some research into it.
  3. Hi guys I posted back in January 2020, but was unable to reply on that thread hence the new thread. Anyway update: issue was trinity business park bickenhill. Taxi driver stopped for 3 minutes to collect passenger, passenger not there so left. UK CPM issued charge! Gladstone’s were the solicitors chose Birmingham County Court, hearing was for November, but court moved it forward. Changed from actual in person heating to telephone hearing for September. Main defence was the signage not clear, positioning not good, signage content too small, plus signage did not state no stopping! Gladstone’s decided not to be present on call for the hearing, judge dismissed the case on the basis that only had stopped for 3 minutes, signage did not say no stopping. There were no bays for parking as signage said to park in bay! Judge said they tried to claim a ridiculous amount for a mere 3 minutes! So there we have it guys. remember if you have a good defence then fight it all the way! Don’t let these creeps try to steal to money!
  4. Hi I'm still waiting to get court hearing date. Once I do and have had my hearing will update you guys. Wish me luck please. Thanks
  5. Hey guys long story short....received PCN back in 2018! Went to collect passenger from Trinity Business Park!! Got there, no passenger, stopped for a few minutes to try to get hold of passenger number provided as was informed passenger would be waiting outside! After no answer to call or response to any message I left. Few days later got the PCN from UKCPM! did not stop long enough to get out to read signage or even notice signage, as I did not go with the intention to stop as I was picking up passenger!! photos sent by UKCPM who say adequate signage is in place, clearly cannot be read whilst driving or sitting in the car. Driver does need to get out and read!! At the time signage was no parking at anytime, which I wasn’t, as I understand now last year signage has been changed to no stopping/no parking. Whilst I was there no other vehicles came or went through entrance, somehow someone managed to get pics of me there showing me there between 5-6mins!! it is a defended claim, I just want to know has anyone ever had court hearing at Birmingham and been successful with the charges!! Have received the directions questionnaire, just not sure whether to choose Birmingham as court or not!! I was literally there for a few minutes, probably 6 minutes max if that, as I was trying to contact the passenger!!
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