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  1. Hi, Loan was around 2004ish and yes it was secured against the house
  2. Hi, Need some advice. I have had a Blemain Finance loan for a number of years. I have been in arrears for some of this, some with an arranged payment back period and times without. They asked me for details regarding buildings insurance and did say that if none were forthcoming they would arrange this. Over the years I've had hundreds of letters - many of which have just ended up in the bin asking me to contact them regarding this and that. They have also rang my mobile number many many times and left voicemail messages. Payment on the account has recently finished last year and they have said that the payment term has finished and I have paid the amount owed. Now they are telling me that I still owe £50k on the account. I have asked them how come when the term has finished. They have said that there is 600 for insurance, 1500 for arranging the insurance and the rest they are very vague about. Now I agree that in hindsight I owe them for the insurance but I am now panicking as to how I am supposed to pay off the 50k given I am 51 and looking to wind down my working life not ramp it up. They have sent me a very threatening letter that they need payment by 4th Feb or they will seek to default on the arrangement and lose possession of my house. Help appreciated.....
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