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  1. Thanks so much, I will contact my insurance company in the morning regarding staying with them (Their monthly payment was going to be £20 a month more expensive hence why I originally wanted to change insurers) I do have legal protection too, will this cover any potential shortfalls in my cars valuation? I will also do some research as you have suggested too, thank you so much
  2. Hi, Firstly thank you to anyone who reads my post and can offer me any advice, it really is most appreciated as I’ve never been in this situation before A week ago my car was written off in an accident, the other driver admitted liability at the scene and the police noted this. I bought my car 6 months ago on a pcp finance agreement where I would have a lump sum to pay out at the end of three years should I wish to buy the car. I did not take out gap insurance and I am now waiting for a settlement figure from my insurance company. The main con
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