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  1. I have looked on the land registry and Skye loans is listed as a charge on our property.Can this charge be removed if Skye loans is not regulated by the FCA.What do we do, keep on paying Skye loans or postpone payments until we have heard from Financial Ombudsman and do we contact Skye loans and let them know we have contacted the financial Ombudsman service about them.Are Skye loans a debt recovery agent and could we lose our house to them.We certainly don't want to lose our house but why should we pay any money to a company that isn't regulated by the FCA is anyone else in this predicament as well.
  2. I am in the process of looking on the land registry and it's showing on there alongside Lloyds bank,am going to look at deeds aswell
  3. I have today written to Skye loans and yes it does say on the bottom of a letter from Skye loans capita mortgage, I have told them in the letter that I have contacted the financial Ombudsman service about them and also said I am withholding any payments due to them until I have heard from the ombudsman.
  4. Do I pay Skye loans the £230 a month that they say we have to pay each month or I dont pay them can they take our house off us.
  5. Complained to financial ombudsman about Skye loans because apparently they are not regulated by the FCA
  6. Black horse transferred our secured loan to Skye loans on1/6/2015. we have a mortgage with Lloyds bank. Which is all to date, We have been paying £230 a month to skyeloans, as the original loan from black horse was secured against my house is the skye loans one also a secured loan and will my home be at risk if i dont pay skye loans ,as this company is not showing on my credit file is it a legal company. I have put a complaint in to the financial ombudsman also about this company.
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