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  1. shop direct im not bothered they have exceeded the time requested from the CCA. But hitachi have provided the CCA? i can still ignore them then and they wont be able to take me to court?
  2. sorry 10/03/2020 until they start asking for money again.
  3. i got confused with the date of the hitachi one, i did think it was 2008 until the CCA came through. they have given me until 3rd march to read through documents before they start hounding me for money again.
  4. the shop direct one they havent sent no CCA that i requested, so i dont know what to do or will they still request the money. ? on the 12th feb they sent a letter saying they looking into it and will get back to me as soon as possible.
  5. hopefully this is ok for you to read and relevant information is covered CCA return .pdf
  6. the request for the CCA to the shop direct was posted recorded delivery on the 27/01/2020 and they have recently sent a letter saying they are still dealing with it and will get back to me as soon as they can, is this over the days requested and im not obliged to pay them? the PDF im currently working on for the hitachi files to upload on here...
  7. OK I will do this tomorrow as I need help off my friend I'm not very good on computers.
  8. The shop direct one I haven't had the c a off them yet... They have sent the cxa for the Hitachi.. I will block out the numbers and my name and post up pics of the agreement
  9. I would say last year I'd have to look at the documents because they have sent dates and payment amounts.. I was paying 5 a week for years but now they referred to LOWELLS around Christmas time.
  10. OK Guys, Lowell have sent back the Documents i asked for on the CCA Agreement.. The agreement was signed on the 17/4/2013. ive heard i can get this statutory barred?? how can i get this written off as it is over 6 years old? what can i do next please?
  11. Thank you. i have filled in relevant sections to the letters and will be posting them tomorrow and getting proof of posting.. i will post any replys they send on here for the next stage of help..
  12. Need help with 2 accounts I have with lowell.. One was with Hitachi capital which was taken out in 2008 for car finance.. I was paying Hitachi capital direct 5 quid a week for years because of financial problems.. Now all of a sudden LOWELLS have taken over it!! No mention of this off hitachi at all.. And the next one is a shop direct one which is more recent I'd say about 4 years old, I was paying LOWELLS this one at 10 quid a month I think but couldn't afford it after getting into difficulty .. Both of these totalling together over 9k and I'm so stressed I'm a single mom and only work part time.. I got into difficulty and still am struggling after being on sick from work after recently loosing my 9 year old daughter. I'm sick of this mega old debt hanging over my head that's 11 years old now. Any help or advice on what to do next to try get these debts written off would be great.
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