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  1. I actually had printed the previous SB amending the date first. I then realised that they changed their name from Azzurro Associates Ltd to Azzurro Law Ltd. So by hand I drew a line through Associates and wrote Law above it. Just to highlight that I noticed their name change tactic. So perhaps I will send it this time. If they do continue to send demand letters, say every few months to try and wear me down or something, is there any threatening letter/template I can send to them, for them to get the picture that I will not be bullied/intimidated by their letters and back of
  2. Thanks dx-100uk. That's taken some weight off my mind. I suppose then it can't hurt to just send them another copy of the SB letter.
  3. Hi everybody, I hope you are all well in this quite unbelievable time. I have an update and would appreciate your thoughts. As advised I sent the SB letter (early Feb'20) to Morton Smith the company who were acting on behalf of Azzurro Associates. In April I got the same demand letter now from Azzurro Associates themselves. In response I sent the SB letter to them. I heard nothing back until a week ago. Azzuro Associates Ltd who have now changed their letter-head to read Azzurro Law Ltd have sent me a DISCOUNTED SETTLEMENT OFFER.
  4. Hi guys, I am trying to update my last thread from earlier this year. It appears to be closed. I have tried messaging the site but apparently do not have enough counts. Please help me to update this thread as further advise is needed.
  5. Just wondering... Recap : EON sold the unbeknown debt to Azzurro DCA who have instructed Moreton Smith Co to manage to debt. Should I send a SB letter to Azzurro and EON too ?
  6. Ooh heck... I've just been reading the thread about the claimform. A lot to take in. Something I cannot do in 5 minutes or even an evening. My health is not great and I am not sure if I am up to battling in small claims court. In fact, I really do not even want to be issued any court summons. I do agree that the 48 days the property was empty, the energy consumed would be my responsibility. However, I never received any bill for that period or any period. First time I knew about it was from DCA assignment letter. EON's bill was made up with estimated Start and End
  7. Azzurro letter (03/01/20) informing me that they have purchased the debt from EON. So this is the letter of assignment ? In this letter they write that they have appointed Moreton Smith company to manage the account. It does not state any 30 day periods/limits. When I phone Moreton Smith co, initally to find out if it was a [problem]. They told me that they had the bill in my name that was outstanding and could email it to me. They would not post it out. I said that if I was liable I would pay it but you must post me the bill. Of course then they did post me a copy
  8. Thanks for all responses. but before I get too excited :- Last payment I never made one, because tenant1 / Letting Agent1 never told me who the energy supplier was. I never received any bill in my name to pay. The property was empty for 48 days so the usage was minimal. Last usage 17/1/14 Azurro's letter 03/01/20 The time between last usage and Azurro's letter is just shy of 6 years. So is it definiately SB'd ? Please tell me if I am mis-understanding something. Thanks.
  9. Thanks you for your response. This statute barred does confuse me :- The billing period was 30/11/13 to 14/01/14. EON apparently sent out a bill 02/05/14. They sold the debt to DCA on 02/10/19 but wrote to me 07/01/20. So where does the 6 year statue barred period start from ?
  10. Hi everybody, I have only just stumbled on this forum and have spent days reading through some posts but would appreciate some specific help if you would be so kind. I will try to be brief. 10 years ago I let out a property using a 2 different Letting Agents with their full management services. Tenant 1 at some point switched to EON energy. They left Nov 2013. Letting Agent 1 would have closed the energy accounts on their exit. The property became empty for less than 2 months. Tenant 2 moved in Feb 2014 through Lettin
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